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  1. adri.75

    Mountain Cycles MOHO STS

    hello guys, to make some space in the garage I am selling my Mountain cycles moho sts, one of the first (it does not have the reinforcement in the area of the headset / down tube ). I sell the complete bike as in the picture, complete shimano deore xt group, control tech seatpost, tioga psyco...
  2. adri.75

    frame Colnago master aluminium

    Hello guys, I would like to sell this Colnago mtb frame from the 90s, very rare in this decor coloring the frame is in aluminum with an oversized and stellar section size: 43.5 cm seat tube c/c 54.5 cm top tube c/c the price is 320€ and includes: -frame Colnago -headset ritchey...
  3. adri.75

    girvin fork + rear shock Fly Components

    Hello guys I sell a girvin fork and rear shock built by Fly Components, they are spring and oil adjustable through a small wheel the sale includes: fork, headset, stem, rear chock (all the one in the picture) the components are used, but working without crack they come from a 1996 proflex 856...
  4. adri.75

    spider for TNT cranks

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a spider for a TNT crankset, I don't know exactly the year of production, but it's the one with 5 screws. In the photo I also put my other crankset with 3-screw spider Thanks in advance
  5. adri.75

    the DEAN Colonel of my friend Andrea

    Hello guys, 8) I present to you the 1994 Dean Colonel of my friend Andrea, he is not registered here in this forum (now he is registered and his nickname is andrealorena), so I will present it to you. He decided to mount it in a slightly original way, all the components are NOS or very good...
  6. adri.75


    Hello guys I would like to sell this wonderful REBOUND FORK NOS , never mounted. the measurements are shown in the photo, 1"1/8 I wanted to mount it on my bike, but I aborted the project. price € 230€ plus shipping costs I send from Italy I'm happy to ship worldwide at buyers cost. If you're...
  7. adri.75


    Hello guys, I sell a GT Lightning frame, size S, year of production 97 or 98. Please Note, the frame has a small crack in the bottom bracket area. I bought this frame to put it alongside the GT xizang that I already have in the garage and mount it modern to use it, but while I disassembled it I...
  8. adri.75

    kit frame CANNONDALE M2000 1992

    Hello guys, I have to make space in the garage, I sell frame Cannondale M2000 size 18, -the frame has no cracks, only signs of use,see photo -fork pepperoni -original headset - original collar price € 150 plus shipping costs. I send from Italy I'm happy to ship worldwide at buyers cost. If...
  9. adri.75

    kit frame TREK 8700 1991 alu/carbon

    Hello guys, I have to make space in the garage, I sell frame trek 8700 size 18, -the frame has no cracks, only signs of use,the orange color is very vivid, not discolored as it appears in the picture, only the superficial transparent lacquer on the carbon is marked in some points -fork tange...
  10. adri.75

    la mia YETI ULTIMATE del 1992

    Hi guys, I'm coming with the last bike in my collection! YETI ULTIMATE has the reinforcement on the vertical tube and the outer string collar, so I think it's a 1991 or 1992, as soon as I can I tell you the serial number under the bb A friend of mine had it identical in the 90s, turquoise color...
  11. adri.75

    swap Sugino road tension disk with mtb disk drive

    Hi guys, i swap a Sugino road tension disk with Sugino mtb or MTB tioga disk drive the wheel sugino road is in good condition,see the pics
  12. adri.75

    frame NISHIKI Alien ACX

    Hi guys, I recently bought a nishiki alien acx in small size, the previous owner had told me that it had been repainted, but then I discovered a small crack on the steering tube, so I would try to sell it, I do not know anyone in my area able to repair it by doing a good job. my request is € 150...
  13. adri.75

    Help for my VOODOO Titanium

    Hi guys, last year I bought this beautiful frame, a VOODOO D-Jab titanium, it seems well finished, I think like another beautiful bike in this forum, but I can not find more information, you can to help? in which year and where was it produced? the diameter of the seat post is 27.2 mm the...
  14. adri.75

    PROSHIFT MTS Silver/Red front derailleur NOS NIB

    Hello, I sell nr.2 front derailleurs PROSHIFT MTS Silver/Red NOS e NIB, with box and original instructions as pictured the price is € 320 each, with payment only in euro and paypal as "gift" , shipping costs are included and tracked to Europe/UK Each derailleur has its shim for all diameters...
  15. adri.75

    NOS Ritchey Road Logic TG58 frame and fork

    Hello guys I want to sell my frame ritchey road logic NOS of the 90s, the frame and the fork ritchey 1 "are new, not even ever assembled, in size 58 because it is too big for me. serial number ROAD 0132 I bought the frame in a bicycle shop, he was hanging in store. He has no bang or crack...
  16. adri.75


    frame and fork NOS, granite paint ... 2188459728
  17. adri.75

    FIC Fabbrica Italiana Compositi with Campagnolo

    hello guys :D another frame arrived in my garage, I had never seen him, I asked about a similar frame here on the forum and thought it was a Calfee, but I was wrong, this frame was manufactured in Italy in the early 90 (I found no serial number) by FIC FABBRICA ITALIANA COMPOSITI. The...
  18. adri.75

    help to identify a carbon bikes

    Hello, What could it be? to me it looks very beautiful I think it's made in Italy, but I'm not so sure. What seems to you? thanks
  19. adri.75

    goodbye Franco, Mr. FRM

    the Christmas day is dead a pioneer of MTB in Italy, Franco Ricci Mingani, Mr FRM , an illness took him away too soon, this is the official press release made by the site FRM ... 517a9bc175 """ENG A dream called FRM began in 1991...Franco leaves a...
  20. adri.75

    la mia PASSONI Titanium, late 1980s

    Hello guys 8) today I present one of the first titanium bike ever built in Italy (Verderio Inferiore, Como), a PASSONI. The frame was produced in the late 1980s (confirmed by the staff passoni), but assembled in 1992 with all CampagnoloOR record group , the photos speak for themselves, has...