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  1. fearfactoryüberalles

    Race Face North Shore XS sq.taper BB spindle length-HELP!

    Hi all, I bought some nice mint cranks, 110/74 BCD, made by Race Face, called North Shore XS. I'll use them on a Sunn TI frame, with a 68 mm BSA BB shell. Anyone knows the requried BB spindle length for this crankset, please? Couldn't find any info about them so far, I suspect they were made in...
  2. fearfactoryüberalles

    Reaching the real retro core...

    Not many like this available I guess:
  3. fearfactoryüberalles

    For Sale Exage/Mountain LX/DX/M739 XT stuff: NOS & USED!

    Hi all, I got these parts for sale. BUMPER PACK SALE: 390 GBP + POSTAGE! Exage parts: NOS 36H F&R hubs,7 speed, 100/130 mm, QR axle is included, an old XT 36H smooth M730 front hub with solid axle also included. 50 GBP Old Shimano 36H hubset: Rear is 126 mm NOS, screw-on cassette, front is...
  4. fearfactoryüberalles

    A top-end Scott in disguise-or what?!

    Recently bought a frame which had been to hell & back- my retro senses signalled a nice deal so I got it from Germany in this rather sorry state: No dents, only fd clamp marks on the rather thin seattube-I can live that. I assumed it's an early 90's Scott Pro Racing, I think it's from 1994...
  5. fearfactoryüberalles

    Czech this out-too modern,too big Morati:for me at least:-)

  6. fearfactoryüberalles

    For the die-hard Muddy Fox lovers-a possible holy grail

    Doesn't get much cooler than this...
  7. fearfactoryüberalles

    For Sale '95 Bontrager Privateer OR 19" NOW 425 GBP POSTED, 1 DAY OFFER!

    For sale this low miles beauty. As per pictures, with some bruises, but no dents, cracks or worse. Works as she should, very reluctant sale. 500 GBP + postage. NOW 425 GBP POSTED, 1 DAY OFFER! Pictures:
  8. fearfactoryüberalles

    Sorted M900 26.8 mm XTR steel shaft seatpost

    Hi, want a M900 seatpost as per title, in decent useable condition (fading is OK): non rusted/cracked/broken/shortened-but if it's incomplete that's still not a problem as I can deal with it. Ideally a 360 mm long one, but it's on the rocking horse' poo level of scarcity, I know. A retro...
  9. fearfactoryüberalles

    Sold Deore DX set

    Hi all, this little nice DX set is up for sale. NOS/NIB front mech is 31.8 mm down pull, UN50 BB is 68 x 122 mm BSA thread, cranks are 175 mm, all good, priced to sell: 120 GBP, please ask for postage. Cheers, Endre Pictures:
  10. fearfactoryüberalles

    Wanted Breezer 1" A-head Ritchey Logic forks-for a 19" frame

    Hi all, as per title, only Logic forks are considered, must be structurally sound/rust-free, many thanks in advance! I can offer a set of threaded 139 mm steerer' 1 1/8 Logic forks for swap too. Cheers, Endre
  11. fearfactoryüberalles

    Nice size and best one of the retro DB range: 1 of 500

    Pricey and mostly meh parts all around but the frame is second to none (this size is of 1850 gr. weight!): Now I know I'm not alone with the specimen I have at least...
  12. fearfactoryüberalles

    Sold XTR-XT-LX mini sets-SPECIAL OFFER!

    Hi all, I got these surplus parts for sale. DISCLAIMER: BULK SALE ONLY!!! 550 EUR POSTED! GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!! XTR M900: 170 mm FC-M900,with bolts: 80 GBP 34.9 mm top pull FD-M900: 35 GBP 3x8 speed ST-M900: 95 GBP 26.6 mm SP-M900: 50 GBP 12-32t CS-M900: 30 GBP N.O.S. 110x68 mm BB-UN73: 30...
  13. fearfactoryüberalles

    Wanted 31.8 mm down-pull M900 XTR front mech

    Hi all, my Marin Team Ti desperately needs a front mech as per title, NOS/mint/VGC, please let me know if you can help, many thanks in advance. Cheers, Endre
  14. fearfactoryüberalles

    XTR Titanium crankbolts-for that ultimate build...

    Worth a try: ... SwigpfuHdf 8)
  15. fearfactoryüberalles

    Lack of tools or sort of...

    OMG WTF! ... 4-217-5566 :shock: :facepalm: :twisted:
  16. fearfactoryüberalles

    Marin Team about 17.5" in Stuttgart

    Bargain of the year-possibly all year long :shock: 8) ... 1-217-9592
  17. fearfactoryüberalles

    1,6 kg italian Columbus steel NOS frame

    Hi all, it seems this project has stalled, so it's on the market. Condition: NOS Year of manufacture: late 1990s Make: unknown, possibly a niche Italian builder or from a "Skunk Works" ' shop of a major player Material: Columbus Foco-top end late '90s steel tubes Size: 18" Weight: 1600 gr...
  18. fearfactoryüberalles

    XTR M900 steel sp.-black magic?

    Hi peeps, I got a couple of old XTR M900 steel shaft' seatposts, and the black coat is severely damaged on all of them. It looks as it is anodising, as it's only microns thin, but I can't imagine how it is possible on steel material. Could anyone enlighten me about this as I plan to re-coat...
  19. fearfactoryüberalles

    Updated-Shimano's Gold Standard Parts: M730 XT all the way!

    Hi all, I got these lovely 7 sp. M730 XT parts for sale. List: BL-M733 x 2 left brake levers :facepalm: , 10 GBP/piece RD-M735 rear mech, 40 GBP FD-M735 2 x 34.9 mm down pull front mechs, 20 GBP/piece FD-M730 "Alpine" 28.6 mm down pull front mech, 15 GBP ST-M095 Rapidfire STI complete with...
  20. fearfactoryüberalles

    For fork's sake: JUDYs & Schwinns

    Hi, these forks are for sale: JUDY XC, 63 mm travel, for canti brakes, not seized, 1 1/8 156 mm threaded steerer: 50 EUR JUDY T2, 80 mm travel, works OK, nice & light at about 1.55 kg, 198 mm 1 1/8 A-head steerer: 50 EUR Schwinn PDG 50, butted cro-mo, 138 mm 1 1/8 threaded steerer: 25 EUR...