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  1. Captain Vimes

    For Sale Original Marin Lite saddle and grips

    Very nice Marin Lite saddle and grips from mid 90’s. £20 for both, plus postage which depends on where you are. Pm if you are interested and payment by PayPal friends please. Cheers!
  2. Captain Vimes

    Finally finished! Modern retro.

    Taken a while to find a suitable fork, and gave the confidence to cut it, but my ‘modern retro’ road bike is as I want it. Raleigh mtrax frame, BLB chrome fork, Shimano Tiagra hubs/wheels and the rest us Shimano 105. Everything in the build is brand new and having built/restored over 40 bikes...
  3. Captain Vimes

    Non standard Marin Bolinas Ridge update

    The bike was very original when collected (including original hardly used tyres), but very rusty and with a buckled rear wheel. When I discovered the front derailleur was completely stuck the cunning plan of converting to a 7 speed pub bike using only parts I had lying around was born! Not one...
  4. Captain Vimes

    Wanted Right hand bar mounted friction thumb shifter suitable for mid 90’s 7 speed

    What have you got? Only interested in indexed shifters if you can turn it off! (Yes, I am quite old...). Only need right hand for rear derailleur. I thank you!
  5. Captain Vimes

    Good value friction thumb shifter?

    As a roadie, doing my first mountain bike restoration, I have a probably previously asked question. Why are all friction thumb shifters (right hand) either less than £10 tat, or more than £50 things of beauty? Is there a good value, good quality “does what it says on the tin” right hand...
  6. Captain Vimes

    Dawes Lightening just collected.

    Just picked this beauty up. Not a classic by any means, but very original, in great condition, local and £60. It would have been rude not to.... 🙂
  7. Captain Vimes

    Weinnman brake callipers refusing to sit straight!

    Apologies if this has been asked many times before, but I did search! I have completely stripped down, cleaned and regreased a pair of Weinnman 570 callipers, but they still pull up on the cable-side when used, so that the non-cable side pad rubs against the wheel when released. No amount of...
  8. Captain Vimes

    Can a frame designed to take an ahead headset take a quill.

    Apologies if this seems a stupid question, but I cannot see any reason why my mid 90’s steel frame that was originally for a bike that used a 1 inch ahead headset cannot take a threaded headset and quill stem, provided I get the correct threaded fork length. Am I missing something? Or do I just...
  9. Captain Vimes

    Very not original 'Bitsa' bike

    I had a few hours to spare last weekend so built this up from bits and pieces that I had lying around the workshop. It actually rides beautifully! Proving you simply cannot beat a well set up steel bike. :)
  10. Captain Vimes

    Help with frame ID

    I picked this frame up locally (Leeds) couple of days ago. No makers name or steel type, but obviously I googled Dave Rayner’s name and read up on his career and the work of the charity set up in his name. The frame’s nice and light, maybe 501, but nothing too special I suspect, although the...
  11. Captain Vimes

    Rebuilt Carlton Course - full 531 - 52cm by 56cm

    Hopefully the pics tell the story, but this is a very original bike. All original running gear and wheels. Just the consumerbles replaced, tyres, tubes, all cable, brake blocks, tape, etc... The one exception is the saddle as the original was beyond use. Rides very smoothly. All bearings...
  12. Captain Vimes

    Rebuilt Carlton Super Course

    Picked this up a few months ago in very original condition. All it's needed is a complete strip down and rebuild, but the original seat was not saveable. So new seat, bar tape, lever hoods, brake pads, cables, tyres and bottle holder/bottle. Now just need to ride it!
  13. Captain Vimes

    Shimano 600 tricolour pedal toe-clips

    Hope the above makes sense. The toe-clips are specific to this pedal and I have a lovely smooth set of pedals, but no toe-clips to go with them! Please drop me a line if you have a pair for sale. Jonathan
  14. Captain Vimes

    1992 Dawes Response. Excellent restored condition. £150

    Very nice and pretty original Reynolds 501 framed Dawes racer from 1992. The Dawes Response was around between about 1991 and 1993, this 1992 model selling for approx. £400. 501 tubing, Mavic XP11 wheels and full Exage 500 group-set meaning it was a good mid-level road bike of its time. I did...
  15. Captain Vimes

    Dawes Response restoration complete!

    Quite straightforward this. Strip completely, clean everything thoroughly and put back together! New headset, seat, tape, cables and tyres. Bottom bracket was fine once cleaned up and wheels running very true and smoothly once stripped and re-greased. The Dawes Response was around between...
  16. Captain Vimes

    Not that retro, but I hope you approve! Motorsport new build

    I have just finished another of my motorsport themed builds, following my Gilles Villeneuve Ferrari and Jim Clark Lotus, this is a 1990's Columbus steel framed bike with full modern SRAM groupset based upon the Hans Stuck / Stefan Bellof Jagermeister Group C Porsche 962.
  17. Captain Vimes

    Which level of Campag is this then?

    Not a Campag man myself so despite a little research I can't work out what series this chain-set is from. Help please.....
  18. Captain Vimes

    Shimano Arabesque 600 group set. Excellent condition £100

    Hi all. I have a very nice Shimano Arabesque group set for sale. No faults, all parts working very well when removed from my Carlton Professional. Included are the Crankset, brakes, brake levers, front and rear derailleurs and gear levers. Obviously some wear with age, but the photos should...
  19. Captain Vimes

    Mixte frame

    I am looking for a good quality Mixte frame to build my wife a bike. Frame size 52cm to 54cm and 531 or better tubing please. Will be painted so finish not an issue as long as structurally sound. Happy to look at part complete or even complete bikes as well. Cheers Vimes
  20. Captain Vimes

    Restoration thread: Raleigh Competition 531c cira 1988

    Just started a new restoration. This is my brother-in-laws Raleigh Competition which he bought 2nd hand but in excellent condition in 1990. Safe to say that he has ridden it a lot and changed worn parts as required, but that is about it! Lots of work to be done here, but looking forward to...