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  1. dablk

    For Sale Raceface Evolve XC Black Cranks 44/32/22

    Nice set of Cranks. Great nick considering they are used. The rub on these looks more like patina rather than the glossing you get on shimano cranks. 44/32/22 - rings still with plenty of life left. Includes the correct x type 2 part cranks bolt/cap. Also includes a Raceface Bash Ring £50...
  2. dablk

    For Sale DMR Single Speed Kit

    This is the tensioner kit and the 16t ring kit. Works with Shimano regular free hubs RRP for both is around £36 £18 uk posted via PPG or please add the fees. Thanks for looking Chris
  3. dablk

    Sold XT FD-M771 9 speed £12 posted PPG

    Sold to Mulletino for asking. Nice condition XT front mech couple of minor mark on the edge of the black clamp. Top Clamp bottom swing 34.9 clamp which you can source adaptors for £12 posted via PPG or add the extra please. Thanks for looking Chris
  4. dablk

    You really have got to be kidding....

    For when your 2 year old is complaining that their balance bike is just a little portly and holding them back technically... Hotwalk Carbon For £1k it seems to be missing a brake. 🤦‍♂️
  5. dablk

    For Sale Box of bits.. Deore DX part Groupset and a few other bits

    Got this lot a long time back and just sitting for a frame that will inevitable not fit for me these days if it arrives. So may as well move it on. SL-MT62 Thumbies lovely logos. MT-60 Cranks 175mm 46/36/24 - Logos are polished off. FD-M650 Front mech. 34.9 band type Nice logos FD-M650 Front...
  6. dablk

    For Sale 27.5 Rear wheel inc Tyre £25

    Nothing special)entry level) , think it’s from a voodoo. Rear wheel only. It’s disc and Qr. Includes the tyre. Picked this up on gumtree as was looking at feasibility of running my 26” wheeled Cotic Soul with 27.5 wheels as I run a 29” front rigid fork. Got my answer which is technically...
  7. dablk

    For Sale Tidy set of Exage Mountain SLR's (STI) BL-M450's 88 era

    Sourced for my now departed 88' Rockhopper build. BL-M450's Really tidy set. Good boots, minimal scratches to the plastics. Expectational Logos/names £50 Posted. PPG or add the fees please.
  8. dablk

    Sold Xm117 deore 26” wheels inc fire XC tyres

    Useable set of 26” wheels nothing overly fancy. £50 collected from warrington
  9. dablk

    Sold Corsair Hx-1000 psu

    Not on any pc forums so may aswell stick it here Brand new sealed Corsair HX1000 psu £150 collected from warrington Can discuss posting at cost.
  10. dablk

    Sold 1988 Rockhopper 21.5" - Warrington -

    Decided to move this on as no matter how many times I come return to retro my back just doesn't like anymore. 1988 Rockhopper, 21.5 inch I believe CTC Set about an initial tidy up and get going. Sourced a saddle and new post (and a also a tidy +£20 turbo saddle available) Rebuilt the wheels...
  11. dablk

    GT LTS or is it STS - Thermoplastic - Gumtree warrington

    Not mine and I'm guessing the price is way off.. but here it is is anyone is looking for such a thing GT LTS
  12. dablk

    Shimano Exage Mountain Parts

    Long story Short my No comp 88 Rockhopper is now a comp in terms of Deore parts as i picked up a donor bike. The Comp Frame has just been karma'd This leave me with a load of Shimano Mountain Exage bits inc Ubrake. Not minty by any means. Just trying to work out if its old lower end stuff...
  13. dablk

    Wanted Cotic Soul - XS

    Looking for an XS Soul, ideally 27.5 or the last of the 26.0 I have a small already so its only XS I'm after Cheers Chris
  14. dablk

    Karma 88 Rockhopper Comp Frameset (17" I think ) - Warrington

    Picked this up to complete my 21" Plenty of patina Incs headset, stem Can throw is some bars from the non comp and also set of wheels. Its a U brake and the bb cable guide was destroyed on the 21" so will admit that this doesn't have one anymore. Collection only from Chapelford, Warrington
  15. dablk

    Raleigh Mustang.. Minty

    If you looking for one that look stunning ... %7Ciid%3A1
  16. dablk

    Nukeproof Horizon Riser Bar £35 delivered

    Nukeproof Horizon Riser Bar. 780mm wide uncut 12mm rise 31.8mm Clamp 9 Degree back sweep 6 Degree up sweep Few marks but still very presentable Will be bubbled wrapped and in a box for posting £35 delivered PPG or add the fees.
  17. dablk

    Karma Raleigh RSP frame and fork £10 (in a cancer charity tin) collected warrington

    Drunk ebay purchase. Should have returned as initially seller failed to send the forks . Life got in the way and it sat. Its one of these ones which floated around for a while in green or aubergine. Looked like some sort of bulk old stock which had been bulk painted...
  18. dablk

    Raleigh M-Trax FF+F+ stem.. SOLD

    Having a loft clear out. Along with the 19" Marin EG framset (has its own thread for £40) Ti-1000 mtrax (the red one). I believe its a 19 or 20" frame and forks/headset/stem. I picked this up with really bad lacquer peel on the ti tubes. So I removed the paint on the two Ti tubes with the...
  19. dablk

    Specialized Crossroad 2 Tyres

    Specialized Crossroad 2 Tyres 26 x 1.5 Amber Wall or they my even be Rust/Tan wall, not actually sure. Looking for a nice set of these for my 88 rockhopper build. Cheers Chris
  20. dablk

    Dablk's 1988 Rockhopper

    Been away from builds for a few years now as back problems have stopped much retro riding. Lockdown however got boring and I started to look again. I made a couple of rules. Got to be cheap and I'm no longer traveling the country picking them up. Found a 94 EG Marin round the corner but it's...