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  1. nstarmore

    For Sale 1992 Giant Terrago, small and very pink

    Ok, so story is, I picked this up a couple years back completely original and bloody clean and ashamed to say I pinched the groupset for something else, didn't know better then. Anyway as the frame was pretty immaculate but way too small for me I gave it to my sister to build back up and have a...
  2. nstarmore

    Karma Claimed - 1997 (I think) Gary Fisher Aquila frame only 15.5"

    Bought another frame recently so have a box lying around and I'm not going to do anything with this frame since it's too small for me. The paintwork is scruffy but it's solid and would be an ideal candidate for a repaint project for a smaller rider. Triple butted True Temper so I'd have...
  3. nstarmore

    Wanted MC32/34 chainset or Sugino Impel chainrings

    Hi all, Just putting together my Cromega again. I have pretty much full MC32 going on it but a bit stuck with a contemporary chainset. I have a decent set of Impel crank arms so either need a set of decent chainrings for that (well outer and middle, so 5x94bcd hidden bolt type), or a full MC32...
  4. nstarmore

    For Sale SOLD - Manitou 2 Fork 1 1/4 Threadless

    Hi all, As per the title, have a nice set of Manitou 2 forks for sale, equipped with a threadless 1 1/4" steerer I bought these to put on my Al Mega build but going to keep it rigid now. As you can see in the pics it's in really nice condition. Elastomers were reportedly replaced by a...
  5. nstarmore

    1 1/4 threadless headset

    Just putting this out there on the off chance someone has something suitable. I'm after a 1 1/4 threadless headset for my Al-Mega for a price that isn't silly (everything I've found so far has been upwards of £300). Not too bothered what brand but ideally needs to be period correct (so not the...
  6. nstarmore

    On One Inbred Frame

    My 18" Inbred frame is on ebay ... olid=11111
  7. nstarmore

    Salsa Cromoto 26er Forks

    Looking for a set of Salsa Cromotos to go on my newly acquired alacarte. Preferably in excellent condition but can potentially work with anything. Bike currently has a mint set of RC31's on which I could arrange a trade on, unfortunately I'm too much of a fatty to ride them.
  8. nstarmore

    Lovely Wheelset Minty Mavic 517CD Rims on XTR910 Hubs

    I bought these a few months back off Tomianson to fit on my Al-Mega but I've decided I want to keep it original as possible and reuse the XTR900/Ringle hub combo currently on it. As I can't imagine me building anything else worthy of a wheelset this nice any time soon I'm looking to move them...
  9. nstarmore

    1990 Peugeot Hurricane

    Just completed this one so will be a rather short thread but thought I'd share nonetheless. I picked this one up as a frame and fork a few months back from these pages and had it delivered from it's original country of origin. I have no particular personal experience of these, however, when I...
  10. nstarmore

    1991 Alpinestars Al-Mega DXTR

    So it's about time I started a thread on this little project as I think it has potential to come out rather special (to me at least). This is my uncles former race bike, I remember going to the odd race with my nan when I was kid to watch him and after giving me his Alpinestars jacket one...
  11. nstarmore

    Pace wannabe?

    Anyone know what on earth this is: Must confess I thought at first glance someone had advertised a Pace not knowing what it was and nearly wet myself with bargain excitment, but on close inspection it definately is not anything of the sort. However...
  12. nstarmore

    Rather lovely original '83 Ridgeback with biplane fork

    This has just come up on our favourite auction site. Rather diappointingly it is too big for me (22in seattube 23in toptube c-c) so I won't be partaking in the bids but needs to be bought by someone on here I think.
  13. nstarmore

    Fibre Flight Carbon Russian Roulette Spokes - Karma

    Just dismantling some wheels equiped with these spokes to rebuild them with some conventional spokes so I don't die. Question is, is there anyone out there with a wall hanger that would like the ones that aren't broken as spares in case a rebal dust mite headbutts one of theres and breaks it...
  14. nstarmore

    Ritchey Megabite Tan Wall

    Looking for Ritchey MegaBite tan wall if anyone has one to match the one I already have. Doesn't have to be mint/nos, but good enough to be presentable as they will be on a restored bike. Will also consider a pair if they are nice enough and the right price. Cheers
  15. nstarmore

    Alpinestars Alpine Xross DX

    Nothing to do with me but saw it and want it, alas there is no room at the inn. ... 4161921600 Also on Gumtree here: ... 1363662513 Very ahead of it's time and apparently no cracks... yet
  16. nstarmore

    Wanted cheap old frame with 130mm rear end

    Not your usual request but I want to build a retro ratty hack bike around a set of wheels I have floating around. Not fussy about brand as long as it is 17/18" size with a 130mm rear end, gas pipe tubing and scruffy is fine as long as its straight and solid. Not looking to pay much but happy...
  17. nstarmore

    1999 Sunn BMix - SOLD

    Don't really want to sell this but need to thin the fleet and raise some funds for other projects so wanted to see if it got any interest on here before I go down the eBay route. Got this in a slightly sorry condition so has been fully recommissioned as street/pumptrack bike, which has involved...
  18. nstarmore

    7 speed bar end shifters

    As per the title. I feel this may be a bit of a long shot but I'm after a reasonably priced set of 7 speed bar end shifters. Not bothered about where about they are in the hierarchy but would prefer shimano or shimano quality/compatible. Hit me with what you got, if you got it :P
  19. nstarmore

    26" 130mm wheelset

    Anyone got a suitable wheelset available? Needs to be in very good to excellent condition ideally. Not too bothered about it being particularly high spec as it's going on an old Peugeot, likewise not bothered if it's HG or threaded either. I don't have a specific budget in mind, cheaper the...
  20. nstarmore

    Saracen Tufftrax pre-1991

    Potentially a bit of a long shot this but does anyone have one of these lying around that they are willing to sell? Ideally around the 17.5" size (although might be able to get away with whatever the next size up is). a nice 1990 in magenta/pink would be the unicorn but interested in whatever...