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    Claud Butler Regent - Tubing Help Pls!

    Just picked up this tidy 90s touring bike for a nice price. There’s no decals to indicate the tubing so I was just wondering if anybody here knows? I’m assuming 531 but wondered if they might have switched to something cheaper by that point. TIA
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    1970 Pennine “Marilyn”

    Thought I’d make a little thread of my slow restoration of this lovely but neglected machine. Apparently the “Marilyn” was sold frame only and named as such because it strips easy (a different time I guess!) I stalked this on Facebook market place and when it came down in price I bought it...
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    Kona Lavadome Restomod

    Just thought I’d share my recent Kona Lavadome restomod. Stripped and resprayed with Montana Crackle paint. Parts bin, Facebook, Chinese 1x10 drivetrain with bikepacking bars and new Maxxis rubber. Enjoy!
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    Kona Resto Fork Woes

    Long time lurker first time poster. Was hoping for some help and advice regarding a rigid fork for my Lava Dome restomod build (pics of resprayed frame for interest). It came with some non period sus forks that I’ve now sold. But when I’ve come to replace them I’ve found it very difficult...