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    Wanted Sturmey-Archer FW compensating spring

    Obsolete for 52 years, this is the little one that goes inside the axle. Should be at least 1 9/16" long (sorry, these hubs ARE imperial!) without its collar.
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    Wanted Early Moulton F frame front rack

    For bikes with the higher head tube mounting boss (up to mid-1964). Like this:
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    Wanted Small early 90s Kona for commuting

    Not for me, for a niece in Bristol. Hahanna/Fire Mountain or similar in the 16" frame size. No suspension forks, can be a bit ratty-looking as it will be locked outside sometimes. Needs mudguard bosses. Anything in the shed?
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    Bianchi MTB for £75
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    £20 Marin Palisades Trail (93?) near me
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    1992 Marin Pine Mountain with XT, £120

    Near me if anyone wants help with collection. I'd love it but I don't have space for another bike. Apart from the comedy bar ends, it looks original. Zolatone and fluo orange, perfect...
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    Eddy Merckx 1995 Strada OS

    Resprayed by Argos in 1995 Team Telekom colours. Bits are mostly DA of various vintages but with Sora shifters, because it needs to be a 7 speed. Stem is a Nitto UI-12 that takes oversize bars. A bit industrial-looking but it really stiffens up the front for climbing. It came with a carbon...
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    M737 SPDs

    Condition of bearings immaterial (I have two good axle units) but must have all screws in the body and not be hopelessly rusty.
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    Shimano PD-7810 pedals

    Anyone got a pair they don't use any more? Bearings need to be good, or at least unpitted (I can strip and rebuild them, but a new axle costs more than the pedals are worth!).
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    LH Sora ST-3300 double STI lever.

    Not urgent, just want a good one as a spare.
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    Dura-Ace 7402 crank dust caps

    Anyone got any? Repro would be ok. They're grey/dull silver with the DA logo and two holes for a pin spanner.
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    Dura-Ace 7400, 7401 or 7402 cranks, 170mm NOW SORTED

    165 or 167.5 ok too.
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    Shimano SL-BS50 Ultegra 7 speed bar end shifters

    Or any other Shimano 7-speed barcon.
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    Eddy Merckx 1" threaded fork, steerer at least 190mm

    For a Strada OS, not that it matters too much as I imagine the offsets are all 43-45mm.
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    New or very good BSC/ISO/English BB lockring

    Preferably Shimano so my lockring tool will engage 5 cutouts, but anything nice will do.
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    SORTED: 1" steel fork, 180mm steerer, about 380-390mm a-c

    Steerer can be a bit longer if there is plenty of thread. Needs to be ISO threading, don't care if crown seat is JIS or ISO. 531 or chromoly ideal.
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    Raleigh headset locknut (26tpi, vintage)

    Anyone got a clean or rechromed one? I seem to have all the parts except the locknut!
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    Shimano BB-7400 or BB-1055 bottom bracket, English thread

    Must be unused or totally unpitted.
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    Really nice Shimano 600 Arabesque rear mech

    Looks barely used, may be a NOS mech, since none of it seems to have seen a chain. Came with a frameset that someone was going to build up for L'Eroica but never got around to finishing. I turned it into a fixie so had no need of the mech. The brown stuff around the pivots looks like old...
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    Campag cones and cups, non-Record

    Anyone have spares, or a hub with a cracked shell but good bearings? These are 1980s Campag hubs, which all take the same cups and cones as long as they're not Record, which these aren't. Mine have rather pitted bearing surfaces due to water ingress. Need front and rear.