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  1. petitpal

    Sorted Black 32H 6 bolt disc hubs

    In the middle of a very custom build for my son (his first 26" wheel!) and I'm after some black 32H hubs, for 6 bolt discs. I don't want to spend a bomb but at the sane point I want good quality (so Shimano, etc) Anyone have anything? :) Thanks! Paul
  2. petitpal

    Rockshox Internals - Judy J2 and XC30

    These are left over from my last build - I was trying to find anything that would fit my Dukes. So all NOS and basically offered up to the forks then put away again, when they wouldn't fit. Judy J2 damper (2006) - £15 posted to the UK XC30 100mm soft spring - £20 posted to the UK XC30 damper...
  3. petitpal


    I was getting my stripped XT crank thread sorted out (for my daughter's Hardrock) yesterday by a local guy in Redditch - Doug Pinkerton. Found him by accident on Google but turned out to be a genuinely nice guy with a deeply interesting workshop full of lovely things (mainly bent and waiting to...
  4. petitpal

    Fun with hubs

    So... bought a couple of M565 LX hubs a while ago and only just got round to building them up as wheels. Took them out for a little shake down on the pavement yesterday and eveything felt very wobbly... drive side cone was loose (moving up and down in the cup). So tightened everything up... same...
  5. petitpal

    Unlikely but... silver/purple 9 speed chain, anyone?

    Seen a few KMC silver/purple 9 speed chains on eBay but they're quite pricey. Anyone got one they're sick of and fancy offloading? :)
  6. petitpal

    Hatty's Hardrock

    I've mentioned a few times on here recently, but thought that it was about time I actually put a thread together for my daughter's bike. Background is - my son gave me about two weeks notice to find a new bike for him for the school's proficiency test. I've been through a bit of a dodgy few...
  7. petitpal

    9 speed stuff - SORTED, THANKS

    So building a bike for my daughter, and going to put a 9 speed on the back. So I'm after a nice 9 speed rear derailleur, cassette and separate shifter unit. For pref I'd like a min of STX (or equiv SRAM) but I'm also on a budget (aren't we all) - so although I'm being as picky as I can be (it's...
  8. petitpal

    Duke/pslyo/xc30 rebound damper - NEARLY SORTED

    Having ridiculously stupid problems finding a replacement rebound damper for my Dukes, you can't seem to get anything for 30mm stantions anywhere. Therefore... after a rebound damper from a Duke / Psylo / XC30, or a dead fork. As an aside, I also need a soft/yellow u-turn spring and if...
  9. petitpal

    Spacers for a Shimano LX hub

    Any got any spare spacers (numbers 4 and 5 on this diagram)? Just realised that my LX hub is missing a couple and that's why it doesn't fit between the drop outs properly! :)
  10. petitpal

    Gearing options

    So I'm looking at gearing options for my daughter's bike and getting a bit lost. Being retro at heart my instinct is to jump for 3x7 or 3x8 but then lots of people seem to be riding 2x10 or even 1x10 or 1x11. What's anyone ridden and what do you prefer? (The bike I'm putting this on is likely...
  11. petitpal

    Handy ebay seller

    Anyone else spotted the seller mtb-kultde on the bay? Loads of really nice retro bits Just ordered a set of NOS purple anno rims. Yum. :)
  12. petitpal

    Rockshox Duke soft/yellow uturn spring and/or rebound damper

    Anyone happen to have a Rockshox Duke soft/yellow spring around? To buy or swap for a red/medium? Yellow part no is 11.4307.371.001, red is .002 :) I think that the Psylo u-turn would fit as well (also 30mm) Edit: Also after a rebound damper now
  13. petitpal

    RockShox Dukes

    I'm mid getting some bits together for my daughter's first 26" wheeler (which she wants to help build :) ), and bought her a set of RockShox Duke forks for £50 - which I don't think was too bad. So, few questions (sorry!) 1) I've downloaded the service manual from the SRAM site, but has anyone...
  14. petitpal

    Cannondale p bone a-c

    Anyone know the a-c for a non-headshock p-bone? Bit specific I know, just trying to work out if it will fit the geometry or not. :) Cheerio Paul
  15. petitpal

    Specialized Hardrock - no idea what this fitting is for!

    Just bought a Hardrock frame from eBay, as something to restore and build up with my daughter over the summer (which was nicely chucked over the 6' garden wall by myHermes today) - she's 13 and it's her first 26" wheeler, so exciting times. I was a bit disappointed at the weight of it (frame +...
  16. petitpal

    Pace RC45 gone pop

    So I grabbed the Zaskar out of the garage for the first time in about a year (taking my lad out for a first ride on a 20" Felt I've just rebuilt for him) and found this enormous crack in my RC45. Which was nice. I'm assuming it just let go over the winter? Anyone else had anything like this? I...
  17. petitpal

    GT Sizing (RTS)

    I seem to remember reading over the years various things about GT sizing being different to everybody else's and also about suspension frame sizes not being equivalent to hardtail... so I'm after a bit of clarity, if no-one minds. :) Specifically I'm toying with the idea of an RTS (seen a few...
  18. petitpal

    Advice - kids bikes, specifically Isla 20

    Hi all, So - my lad (now 9 but, like me, a bit on the short side) has finally outgrown his Isla CONC 16 and I'm looking to upgrade for his birthday (mid November). I'm thinking about an Isla Beinn 20 large (which from the Isla site should fit nicely) as I can't rate the quality of his current...
  19. petitpal

    Saracen maxtrax / rear LX hub spacing difference

    Hi all, So I offered up my yet to be trued LX rear to my nice purple Saracen and found a difference of about 10mm. See pics. At first I thought the rear triangle might be a biy wonky but it measures about 135mm which is the same as the Zakar. So I'm assuming it's a compatability issue! So...
  20. petitpal

    Karma: Folding Shopper

    Hi all, Been a while since I posted on here (all sorts of interesting life changes going on... but regardless...) - right, digging through my garage I found this old folding shopper - basically sound although the central lever that allows it to fold seems a bit shot, so you'd need to either...