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  1. BlackCat

    Shimano dust caps

    These things. Do you need a special tool to fit or can it be bodged? Thanks
  2. BlackCat

    Is bike shop and customer service an oxymoron?

    To my delight, i discovered a local bike shop less than 15 minutes walk from me last week - should say, I live in London - were nothing is 15 mins from anything. Don’t know how I missed it before, except that it’s in a slightly separate neighbourhood that I hadn’t had cause to visit in the past...
  3. BlackCat

    Cup and cone BB help

    Guys - am in dire need of technical assistance here. Probably a no brainer to a lot of you but I am completely flummoxed and I need help. Long story but am doing a replica build (kind of) for my bro, as a surprise at Christmas. He’s more of an enduro rider and he is not into retro. Yet. Anyway...
  4. BlackCat

    Old (but not too old) shock servicing

    Anyone have any recommendations for somewhere to get a Rock Shox Pearl rear shock serviced? Have tried TF Tuned and the usual but so far everyone has been unable to do so.
  5. BlackCat

    Kona Custom Program
  6. BlackCat

    Orange P7 shim

    Have just picked a P7 for refurb, however I was surprised to see what appears to be an aluminium shim in the seat tube. It’s about 3 inches deep. One of my buddies had a P7 bitd and I am wracking my brain to remember if it came shimmed as stock. I suspect not though. Naturally it shows no sign...
  7. BlackCat

    1993 Fat Chance Buckshaver

    Had this little guy for several years now. Picked it up on Fatcogs and had it shipped from the States. I’ve cycled through (sorry) various build ideas but haven’t really got round to tracking bits down until recently. The ultimate slow burner.
  8. BlackCat

    Huge 80s frames

    Was just perusing an early Peugeot bike in the Sales section. Got me reminiscing about my first ever mountain bike (or “ATB”, as it was in this instance).. A fluorescent pink and black Peugeot Trail.. That was hell of a Christmas morning - I’d never seen a bike as cool as that in my whole...
  9. BlackCat

    M739 pads

    What replacement pads are people using for m739 Vs? There are stacks out there but i haven’t used Vs in ages so I dunno where to start. Thanks
  10. BlackCat

    Bontrager Race Lite

    One of the couple of MBUK articles that always really sticks out in my head from my teen years was Bonty vs Salsa.. whilst the a la Cartes were fancy ‘n all, with their jellybean colourways, it had been the take no BS attitude of the Bontys that caught my eye. Picked this ‘97 Race Lite up from...
  11. BlackCat


    Just had this drop through the letter box. Have to say I was pretty pleased with the deal I got.
  12. BlackCat

    U.S.E handlebar shim

    So.. I have an NOS set of USE bars - which as most will know, are constant diameter and come with a shim. Except mine. Just opened the box.. and no shim. No sticker either. Outrageous. Have to remember to update someone’s eBay feedback from 6 or 7 years ago.. Can anyone help me with the...
  13. BlackCat

    Bob Jackson ceased trading This is a concern.. and yet another flip flop on 18 Dec “closure”.. then supposed backtrack posted a few weeks later. Anyone heard anything further? I’m going to have to get on the phone. They have two of my frames..
  14. BlackCat

    Controltech cantis

    Have a set of these and was thinking about them for a Klein Attitude build, for variety versus the typical Grafton approach.. but.. realise I have no idea which year these were released. I’m not going to be a stickler about getting the exact year of components, but I would like it to be...
  15. BlackCat

    When does NOS stop being NOS?

    Specifically.. if I fit a precious NOS groupset to maybe the only remaining NOS version of a certain early ‘90s frameset.. what is the exact inflection point when it all stops being NOS? It’s mainly XT, LX & DX stuff, so nothing fancy - but it’s getting tough to track down NOS M730/650 etc...
  16. BlackCat

    Shimano m900 front mech ... SwrBxfAMSc
  17. BlackCat

    Avid SD ultimate cable adjusters

    Not feeling too optimistic about this request.. but picked up a set of these recently with m739 cable adjusters rather than the Avid ones. Does anyone by chance have a pair of the Avids going spare? Thanks
  18. BlackCat

    Bob Jackson

    Anyone had any recent respray experience with Bob Jackson? I’m trying to discuss getting a 93/4 Prestige resprayed (purple/champagne) but I’m finding them more or less unengaged. I’m sure they’ve done this colour scheme (which is the original one) before plenty of times but stock response is A...
  19. BlackCat

    Powder coating for Bonty OR

    Evening everyone I have a ‘96 OR that desperately needs a new paint job. Could anyone please share recommendations for a powder coater that is used doing bike frames and gets good results? I’m sorely tempted just to get it enamelled at Bob Jackson etc sacrilege for a bonty, I know) because I...
  20. BlackCat

    NOS bits dilemma

    Been digging through my collection of bits and I seem to have amassed (hoarded?) quite a lot of NOS parts. Some of the stuff is still in original packaging. Feels like sacrilege to start ripping into this stuff now, 20 years plus after it left the factory - or worse, sticking it on anything...