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  1. foz

    Fillet brazed butted 531 repair needed. Any recommendations?

    was going to say caygills... kevin winter isn't too far away either, or dave yates not a million miles away down in lincoln (I think!)
  2. foz

    1990(?) F Moser Leader AX

    Brilliant! Turned out spot on. One of my all time favourite paint designs. 90's steel frames with 10 speed campag make a great combination
  3. foz

    Cup and cone BB help

    The sealed unit should thread in fine, it will have the same thread as the cup and cone version
  4. foz

    Karma Rubbish large Altura saddle bag - karma

    You make it sound really sh1te, but it might be just what I could use, so for the cost of a 2nd class parcel I'll chance it! Pm me your PayPal and I'll send funds, thanks!
  5. foz

    KHS Montana Pro 93 seat post size

    My Montana comp takes a 26.8 post. Different tubes to the pro though, so maybe different diameter post
  6. foz

    XT739 8 speed chainring advice

    Check the BCD you need - I have a set of those with the 5 bolt spider and it's 110/74 BCD...
  7. foz

    Sold KARMA Deore LX FH-M565 32h rear hub GONE!

    I was karma'd this a fair while ago but haven't used it and don't need it so am passing it on. Freewheel is good, general condition is good but the bearings are crunchy. I don't have tools here to take apart and check, but judging by the good condition of the outside, the insides probably just...
  8. foz

    French Bottom Brackets

    What's your Spanish frame? Any pics?
  9. foz

    French Bottom Brackets

    I don't think there's a cut off point, I have an early 90's frame with a french BB, and also had an early TVT made Look carbon frame (also early 90's, I think) that also had a french BB. I don't think you'll find anything later than early 90's with a french BB though
  10. foz

    Expanding seat post!!!!!

    As said quill posts are difficult to find and expensive, you can use the BMX type with any saddle, just fit saddle to post, then fit post into frame without clamping (use tape and/or zipties to stop it sliding all the way down), find the height you need it to be set at. Remove post with saddle...
  11. foz

    Sorted 1" aheadset

    I'm sorted for the moment with a very nice miche, but if for whatever reason that one doesn't work I'll get back to you, thanks!
  12. foz

    Sorted 1" aheadset

    Preferably silver but black will do. Good condition please!
  13. foz

    Confounded by brake set up on a Joe Waugh

    What type are the rear dropouts? Have the front drops been filed? The fork crown looks very "thin". Have you tried different brakes?
  14. foz

    Internal cable routing question

    It depends on the type of internal cable... Some have a thin tube soldered inside the main tube, to take either the whole outer all the way through, or just the inner. Others are basically a hole into the frame tube, and need the outer threading all the way through. If cable end ferrules are...
  15. foz

    Help Campagnolo record derailleur bottom pivot problem

    Which version is it? Looks like 9 speed? The manuals are all available in the gallery section, they should give you the spare part number
  16. foz

    Bar recommendation for a 1993 build

    And what's the build? Thread anywhere yet? More info please - if it's anything like your fat tyre builds it will be worth following ;)
  17. foz

    Bar recommendation for a 1993 build

    Anything cinelli, ITM or 3TTT in a classic bend (not anatomic) would look fine. Double groove bars generally came after campag ergos came out, before then they would be single or no groove. If you're after more specific, year correct options, then start with any of those makes and check the...
  18. foz

    Wanted Mavic D521, 40 hole

    Yes there aren't too many about, and all the 40h hubs I can find appear to be 145mm with little option of shortening to 135. I'm not too bothered, the 36h parts that I already have will be fine I'm sure, but if I could find a 40h for the rear I'd take I just in case
  19. foz

    Wanted 1" steerer Sus. forks - pace, manitou, etc

    Pics and prices please...
  20. foz

    Wanted 1" steerer Sus. forks - pace, manitou, etc

    For my KHS... Must be 1" so probably something from the 90's. Pace, manitou, or similar... Even girvin would be nice :) Preferably in full working order but will consider a set that needs work if they're not trashed and the price is right. Update - can be either threaded or ahead. Will measure...