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  1. troje

    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 92(ish)

    I could not resist obtaining this from a forum member. Someone who, just as me, has a strong affection for old quality Rocky Mountain frames. And this is one for sure. Hand build fillet brazed, in my size and with the original paint and decals. These simply don't turn up very often. It has the...
  2. troje

    Litespeed segmented fork and stem

    It took myself three years to find one, so yes they are quite rare. Slightly optimistic asking price. Amusing description. Someone here who is the seller? Not sure why the stem is part of the deal. On the bay Not mine.
  3. troje

    Wanted Ritchey canti brakes

    Anyone who has a minty set of Ritchey cantilevers available? Including the pull cables?
  4. troje

    Yo Eddy on Ebay Germany It’s a repaint by kleinspainted. Owner says it is a Medium Large, but frame number is 833Y1M. Would that not make it a Medium?
  5. troje

    Wanted Ritchey Vantage Pro Wheelset

    Does anyone have a wheelset available with Ritchey Vantage Pro rims? Ideally Silver coloured?
  6. troje

    Ritchey P22 Team

    A while ago I got hold of this frameset here on this great forum and I've very slowly been collecting parts and ideas on how to build up this beautiful bike. I've always wanted a classic Ritchey mountainbike, but as you know good ones are quite hard to find. And even if they are for sale...
  7. troje

    American Comp Lite in NL

    Apparently Medium size ... nt=app_ios
  8. troje

    Ritchey seatpost 26.8

    Anyone who has a clean ritchey seatpost, silver in 26.8 size available?
  9. troje

    Reproduction 1st generation Syncros posts ... 890.l49292 I believe this is a first for me. Never seen these reproduced before? They look well manufactured!
  10. troje

    Ritchey P20 L size, EUR650 starting bid, based in NL. Not mine.
  11. troje

    1992 Altitude small size These don’t come by often. Much sought after frame, seems structurally okay. Nice 1st generation Propost in good condition.
  12. troje

    ‘NOS’ Ritchey WCS grips

    I’m after a pair of these and found these on the Bay. What’s NOS about these? They’ve clearly been cut, mounted and used. Is it that the seller still owns the original packaging?
  13. troje

    Klein in Backfire ... 890.l49293
  14. troje

    1994 Altitude in Germany RMA4032.
  15. troje

    1994 Altitude
  16. troje

    ‘95 Altitude ex race bike Small 16” frame, lots of battle scars. According to the seller, it belonged to Regina Stiefl once. However no evidence of that. Serial is 5588 stamped in the bottom bracket. There is another serial in the bottom bracket, A588.
  17. troje

    Battered ‘94 Altitude It makes me wonder if this is rescueable. Sad to see, not many of these around.
  18. troje

    I went over to the dark side

    And it feels well! In short, I bought a brand new mountainbike and at first sight, it is all so much in contradiction. It is a twentyniner, with a 1x12 setup, thick tubeless wheels, a huge steerer and disc brakes. But I love the clean look, the way it handles and the fun I have with it. And...
  19. troje

    NOS disk drive pro ... 3948573987
  20. troje

    Yo Eddy in M/L

    Looking for a Yo Eddy frame or full bike in M/L size, 1990-1993, preferably in green, including matching fork. Original paint, bit of patina no issue. Anyone?