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    Eroica Hispania anyone?

    Anyone did the first edition last sunday? I've seen a few Brits posted the route on Strava... I'd like to do it next year... any comment? Positive/negative?
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    about drum brakes on a tandem

    I just bought a vintage Sun Wasp Reynolds 531 tandem frame for 40 quid, but it is meant to be fitted with drum brakes. I can drill the fork to take a front caliper, but the rear has to be a drum brake, I fear... I did a bit of reading about drums... are they really that bad as Sheldon Brown...
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    Campagnolo Daytona and Galli Criterium parts

    3 Items: 1) Campagnolo Daytona 9 speed rear derailleur in very good conditions. Works very well, shifts 9 and 10 speed cassettes, possibly 8 but I have not tried. 20 pounds delivered to UK address 2) Campagnolo Daytona 10 speed front derailleur in very good conditions, band on, includes shims...
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    Dura Ace 7401 chainset

    170 mm cranks, rings are not original: they are 49 T Stronglight Zicral and a 39 T TA. The drive side crank arm has the teeth that engage with the titanium bolt damaged, therefore I have made a metal washer to mount on the bolt to fit it (visible in the photo). It works flawlessly and it's not...
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    Pair of Mavic MA 40 "couche dure" older model

    These came off a set of Croce d'Aune hubs and I spent some time with my Makita drill and a metal brush bit to remove the oxidation from the eyelets. Judging by the anodising still present on most of the rim surface, they haven't gone very far. Minor scratches on the brake track, they are inwards...
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    Front hub 24 holes

    In an ideal world a Mavic 501 24 holes front (would pay good money for that)... otherwise Campagnolo, Shimano or other, as long as silver.. 1980s-1990s or contemporary, if retro looking (like Royce for istance) Anything?
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    Mavic 501 laced to?

    I have got hold of a very rare Mavic 501 rear hub with 24 holes, didn't know they existed at such low spoke count... any idea what to lace it to? Ideally a late 80-early 90 rim, possibly with a bit of profile, needs to be stiff enough for low spoke count construction... would even go carbon, but...
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    ERGO 9 speed internal upgrade

    If I replace the 9 speed ratchet of my Veloce ergos with a Record one, which is available as spare, will I get "record like" shifting or the part is just exactly the same? Any idea?
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    Wolber profil

    I have two sets of 28H Wolber Profil 18 rims for tubulars. Lightly used. I can build them into track or fixed wheels at ca. 1450-1500 grams. They are very fast rims, in the 1990s they were the fastest rims around (yes, much faster than the Shamal!) and they are still lighter than many carbon...
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    Wolber Profil on Mavic 501

    I've just rebuilt a set of Wolber Profil 18 on a set of Mavic 501 hubs... all from Ebay for 40 pounds, add new DT swiss spokes and we're at 70 pounds budget. At 1444 grams it's possibly the best value for money super light wheel set?
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    Moder nbrake pads for 1980s Super Record

    I have a new set of Wolber profil rims, which have a very narrow brake strip... therefore I'd like to replace my original Super Record pads with some narrow modern ones. Problem is I can't find Campagnolo ones including the shoe on the market, only replacment pads with no cartridge (I don't want...
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    Gipiemme hubs as such or built

    Hello everybody, new to this forum, but very active on Bikeradar with the same nick. I have a set of Gipiemme Cronosprint laser white 36 holes with lubrication port, used but in beautiful conditions. 126 mm rear and italian thread (will take british too) complete with silver QR. Bearings are...