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    '77 Exxon Graftek Project

    I've long been fascinated by older carbon fiber bikes, mostly the carbon tube and metal lug variety, and the Exxon Graftek was really one of the first on the market having been sold from the mid to late 70's which makes it all the more cool. My particular frame is from 1977 and features...
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    1987 Specialized Allez Epic

    Here's a recent picture of my '87 Specialized Allez Epic I picked up from a pawn shop several years ago. Lots of work cleaning it up, basic maintenance, and replacing parts to make it as awesome as possible. There are a few modern bits on here (saddle and pedals) as I enjoy riding it and so a...
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    1988 Miyata Carbon Tech 1000

    Good day fine people I come to you all looking for help in my journey to acquire a 1988 Miyata Carbon Tech 1000. I've no interest in modern carbon bikes and the lot but a few years ago a friend of mine showed me his old carbon allez from the 90's which was the first time I had ever seen an...