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    Purbecks Ride 4th Oct. AFTERMATH

    Great ride today, great weather and great company. Started off with Jonnyboy666 and Ben getting to mine while I was doing the finishing touches on my Jamis. The 8.5 mile ride to the ferry didn't go down well with the boys. A quick bacon and egg roll waiting for the Ferry and we met up with...
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    1989 Jamis Dakar Sport - with history

    I bought a Jamis Dakar Sport frameset from a school friend back in 94/5. I built it up with XT parts, and Hope hubs with Campag Stheno rims. A lot of purple bits found their way on from my old DB Topanga too. I loved it. I didn't know that it was 6 years old, but it did have quite a few patches...
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    Anyone on here called bikeandsurfer on ebay?

    Had a message from bikeandsurfer on ebay, I'd rather deal through here if you are a member. Cheers Tim
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    Come and ride the Purbecks 4/10/15 MTB

    Greetings all As some may have seen, I am organising a Purbecks ride on 4th October. 20-25 miles round the hilly Purbecks, with a cake stop, and maybe a beer stop too. Start time would be 10:30 Sandbanks side of the ferry, or 15 minutes later Studland side. I haven't had an MTB ride this...
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    Purbecks Ride 4th Oct.

    Planning on a Sunday morning Purbecks ride at the end of September / beginning of October, but to help keep numbers high, would like you to decide the date. 20-25 miles round the hilly Purbecks, with a cake stop, and maybe a beer stop too. Start time would be 10:30 Sandbanks side of the ferry...
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    9 speed Campag wheelset

    Looking for a 9 speed Campag wheelset, 700C, need tyres, skewers and cassette too. Cash waiting Also looking for a Campag Duo Chainset. Can swap for triple Campag chainset, or cash. On a relatively tight budget though.
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    Titanium seatpost, 27.0, some layback

    I thought I'd found one, but alas it was 26.8. Are there any out there? I can't do inline posts, my knees don't like it
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    0.2mm is it a big difference?

    I bought a seatpost advertised as a 27.0, but when I dropped it into the frame, I thought it was a little small. I've had the calipers on it, and it's 26.8mm. I can get the frame to bind on it, but... ... how wise is it to run it? Or should I offer it back up for sale, and continue my grael...
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    Purbecks Ride 23rd February Aftermath

    This morning didn't start particularly well. I got a text from Makster (Mark) crying off. (Think he had a big night last night ;) ) I met up with Retroyetirigid (Chris) on the way to the ferry, and caught the 10 am ferry as planned. We saw Wookiee (Doug) and family in the car on the same ferry...
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    Bontrager Weinmann BCX rim

    Hi all After tacoing my wheel from my 94 Axis on Thursday, I'm looking for a good condition Bontrager Weinmann BCX rim, or pair, or wheel/s. Need 28 hole please WHY? Cheers Tim
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    Purbecks Ride Sunday 23rd February

    Hi all Putting together another ride in the Purbecks, as the last one was badly attended due to wind and weather. The ground over there isn't holding up too badly, so it should be fine, no matter what the weather. (Maybe Mountain Mayhem should be held there...) If it is wet and windy, we'll...
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    Late notice Purbecks Night Ride Thursday 23/1

    Hoping to get out tomorrow night with Retroyetirigid and Makster. Thought I'd open it to other retrobikers. Approx 10-15 miles round the Purbecks about 1.5ish hours there. 18:40 Ferry, Sandbanks side Apparently neither of them are fit, so don't be put off thinking we'll be going fast, we won't
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    Vintage MTB ATB BullMoose handlebars ... 2ecd6a4b00
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    Nitto bullmoose bars ... 2ecd9c806f
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    This guy is a legend.

    Anyone else experienced a bike that you have to pedal backwards to go up hill?
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    Bournemouth/Poole/Christchurch Retrobike XMas Drinks 23/12?

    The venue: Goat & Tricycle, West Hill Road, Bournemouth Date: 23/12/13 Time: 20:00hrs Dress code: Christmas Jumper (Recommended, not compulsory) Sign up here. If the date proves unworkable, let me know, I'm sure we can change it if we have to. Everyone welcome, if you've been on a...
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    been away a while

    got burgled and had my computers stolen, but they didn't get into the man cave, so my bikes are well. I also managed to knock my wife up, so I'm going to be a dad soon :D :D :D What did I miss? Other than Alison changing her name to Alison?
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    Answer Manitou Comp fork rebuild

    Hi guys Bought a bike with some Manitou Comp forks, which seem to be seized. Does anyone know how to take them apart or point me in the direction of a manual? I have gained access to one stack, albeit visual only from the top, and it looks ok, and smells ok. I think they are from 95, and would...
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    M563 Chainset

    Hi, looking for a M563 chainset, in good nick please. Money waiting for right offer, or have lots to swap Cheers Tim
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    Mavic X517 in silver 32 hole

    can be a wheel, or a rim. Must have plenty of life, and be round What ya got?