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  1. john

    1993 Klein Attitude GLF

    Not sure I actually want to move this on. However be good to understand likely value, needs must etc. Spec here >
  2. john

    BoTM Ronezwun’s 1990 Valley Runner Carbon is Bike of The Month August 2021

    The August 2021 'Bonded Special' Bike of The Month contest was taken byRonezwun’s 1990 Valley Runner Carbon 100th anniversary edition. Check the poll here:)
  3. john

    Yakboy's 1992 Scott Super Evolution #BoTM

  4. john

    98 Klein Attitude rebuild

    Thread tidied up. One user taking a break. Let's all be respectful. Nice Klein :)
  5. john

    FanBoy Badges Vote Now

    As per previous message the xenforo platform does not readily allow a jazzy image to be attached to a group banner. As such will be sticking with text for now 👍
  6. john

    FanBoy Badges Vote Now

    Badges updated. Sadly cannot make a big jazzy Cleland badge, will have to make do with a standard one. Also only one badge each (unless you happen to already have a Kona or GT Badge from BITD) Can change manually, PM if you really really really must :D
  7. john

    Gilco’s Colnago Master

  8. john

    Would site owners ever consider reform the categories?

    Interesting thread, will pen a response later. Some good points raised.
  9. john

    Sold Claud butler Cape wrath 531 - Gone!

    Indeed, did take the approach (at one point) that the BoTY badge superseded the BoTM badge. May not have been consistent with this though..
  10. john

    FiveSixteenth’s Concorde #Mavic