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  1. Rabbit171

    1990 Alpinestar Cro Mega DX Renovation

    Hi All, I let a friend borrow my old Alpinestar and he recently asked me if I wanted it back - he's only had it 7 years! Oh dear it's looking a good deal sadder than when I let him have it :-( I bought it new back in 1990 for the princely sum of £574 from Reg Braddick in Cardiff which makes...
  2. Rabbit171

    Movember 2009

    Hi All, I saw the recent thread about Movember and wanted to know how those of you who are taking part are getting on, and to keep the campaign at the forefront so people don't forget about it! :D For your entertainment :lol: here is a picture of my effort as of 9th of November! If...
  3. Rabbit171

    Any Sparky's - And I mean Electricians! ;-)

    Hi all, just wondering if there are any electricians amongst us who could help me with a small electrical dilemma? I have some low voltage garden lights that I've had in the garden for years and they work wonderfully. The problem is that the missus has re-landscaped the garden meaning I...
  4. Rabbit171

    Best bike maintenance book?

    Hi All, I'm looking for a good bike maintenance book to help me fix and maintain all the bits on my fangled new bike :oops: I can fix all the parts on my old AlpineStar but my new GT has got all this hydraulic stuff and I don't fancy tanking down a hill and finding I've got no brakes...
  5. Rabbit171

    Onza Porcupines

    Onza Porcupines! Cool 8) ... 240%3A1318 good price too for a pair, got some for my 1990 Alpinestar :D
  6. Rabbit171

    Does anyone still use toeclips?

    I realise in this time of super technology, and SPD's etc, but does anyone still use old fashioned cages and strap toe clips :? I always used them 'back in the day' and I'm still here, but now they appear to be frowned upon as being dangerous and old fashioned :shock: I tried using power...