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  1. Gruff

    Wanted 1995 18" Pearl white Kona Kilauea frame and stem

    Looking to build my Unicorn. Would prefer original paint but open to anything. I know there's one on marketplace but its silly money and i'm not rich :p
  2. Gruff

    WTD Non Shimano Chainset 94/58 bcd***SORTED***

    As above......RaceFace, Middleburn, Roox, Kastle, FRM, Cooks etc Last part of my Non-Shimano build :wink:
  3. Gruff

    WTD Non Shimano 122/68mm Bottom bracket

    As title for my Non Shimano build, Whats available?
  4. Gruff

    WTD 17 or 18" frame SORTED

    As title please. Since I found my project RTS2 frame was cracked I have a surplus of parts and lots of time on my hands lol It must have an 1 & 1/8th head tube. I'm looking at £100 max really to spend but could stretch a little. C'mon lads what's out there?
  5. Gruff

    XT, Spds, WTB SST, IBeam,Anno crank bolts**NEW BUNDLE OFFER*

    Ok here's some small stuff up for sale. Postage is included if you are in the UK. Dibs here then a PM please. ****OFFER TAKE ALL THATS LEFT FOR £45 POSTED**** That's: XT front mech Spd's Blue crank bolts WTB SST saddle 1" I Beam ahead stem and cap Shimano FD-M736 in 34.9 top pull £11...
  6. Gruff

    **SOLD PP***Profile Carbon Bars for sale

    Here i have for sale a Profile Carbon bar with alloy end plugs in great condition. 560mm long with great graphics. £30 posted to the UK Dibs here then a PM please. WIN_20190806_18_41_10_Pro by Gareth Pavey, on Flickr WIN_20190806_18_41_17_Pro by Gareth Pavey, on Flickr...
  7. Gruff

    **SOLD PP***NOS Shimano DX Seatpost in 27.0mm

    I bought this for my Cindercone before realizing that the 'cone is 26.6mm :facepalm: So it's up for sale. £30 posted to the UK Dibs here then PM please. WIN_20190806_18_40_22_Pro by Gareth Pavey, on Flickr WIN_20190806_18_39_40_Pro by Gareth Pavey, on Flickr WIN_20190806_18_39_28_Pro by...
  8. Gruff

    *SOLD*Minty Magura HS22 plus all mounting gear and bleed kit

    Here i have a very vibrant set of Magura HS22 brakes for sale. These came of my Carbolite and are fully working and have nearly new pads all round. They come with all the mounting gear including the quick release leavers and a full bleed kit and 2 bottles of Magura Blood and a service manual...
  9. Gruff

    **SOLD** Middleburn RS2 Chainset with Pace rings

    For sale are my lovely Middleburn RS2 cranks and Pace extruder groove large and middle rings and unknown granny ring 24,36,46 . They are in fantastic condition, all threads are good and tapers still square. They come with Blue outer bolts and Raceface inner ( minus one which i lost down the...
  10. Gruff

    ***SOLD PP*****Lovely XT wheelset for sale

    Here i have for sale the wheelset that i had on my Carbolite which i have passed on to Longun. They are XT M732 hubs with Ritchey Vantage Comp lite rims and DB stainless spokes all rebuilt by by Dan (Cannondale King) at HandCrafted Wheels. They are fitted with Smoke and Dart Classic re issues...
  11. Gruff

    Swap 27.0mm NOS Shimano DX seatpost

    I have a NOS boxed 27.0mm DX seatpost in silver but it won't really go on my current build so looking to swap for a nice Black 27.0mm post. Would really like something like a Control Tech or black XT etc Or may sell for £35 plus post Anything out there??
  12. Gruff

    WTD LX or XT Rear mech 8 speed**SORTED**

    As title wanted for a rider please, so functionality over form :D
  13. Gruff

    I need a pic of a Velocity Stem Bung

    Can some kind person take some pics of a Kona Velocity stem bung, the black plastic one as i am looking to have a batch made.
  14. Gruff

    WTD 28.6 bottom pull front mech LX or XT**SORTED***

    As title please, wot's available?
  15. Gruff

    Looking for Mavic CrossRide hub part**having one made**

    I have purchased a lovely set of the early Mavic Crossride ceramic wheels but i have just discovered that the front one is missing the axle outer spacer, see pics. Anyone got any spares? Missing side WIN_20190427_23_28_28_Pro by Gareth Pavey, on Flickr What it should look like...
  16. Gruff

    Wanted...Velocity stem rubber bung

    As title please, anyone got a spare?
  17. Gruff

    Powder coating for lower legs

    Having my frame powder coated and wanted my suspension fork lowers done the same colour. Will heating in the oven have a detrimental affect on the bushes?
  18. Gruff

    WTD cheap 16 or 18 Kona F & F '94 or '95*SORTED*

    As title please wot you got?
  19. Gruff

    How do i remove the flexboard from my Slingshot?

    As per the title i need to get my 2000 frame powder coated so i need to remove the flexboard which looks to be epoxy'd in. Would gentle heat work?
  20. Gruff

    LTS/STS Horstlink bushing kit ... SwihVcBASN