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  1. pete_mcc

    Can you repair/weld/glue a cracked rim ?

    Just put the rim tape back on and drink so heavily you forget the past 24hrs and you’ll be all good
  2. pete_mcc

    Early 90's Yeti Frame Sizing

    That’s a trick question. They didn’t. Their sizing was assigned based on the top tube length:
  3. pete_mcc

    Anybody know how much my kangaroo dh red soil is worth?

    You have to be a little more comprehensive than that. Is it a frame only, full bike, what’s the build, components, Kangaroo forks? Pictures help! The problem with Kangeroo is it wasn’t a big, well known brand in the 90s, it wasn’t really known outside Central Europe and its DH focused so its...
  4. pete_mcc

    A top-end Scott in disguise-or what?!

    What is interesting is the fact that the dropouts are lacking any eyelets, normally a sign of a top end frame, also the frame has a ‘fastback’ seatstay arrangement, also a high end identifier. Off the top of my head the other brand that used those two features was Ritchey. The fact that the...
  5. pete_mcc

    Onza Porcupine white 26’’ (£601)

    Onza was one one company, components, tyres, the lot. From what I remember, when the company failed the U.K. trademark came for renewal and Supercycles got it. They did the same with a number of brands as many failing companies forgot to renew their trademarks in the U.K. market, focusing on the...
  6. pete_mcc

    Pace RC100 restoration help.

    Wow, that’s quite a find. 1) the brake pads are standard magura blocks, they just clip in and out. You don’t need to buy genuine ones, any magura compatible ones will do 2) you can use any grips...
  7. pete_mcc

    Bullseye Patriot hubs

    £665? ha ha ha ha hahahahaha! Come on, that’s just stupid.
  8. pete_mcc

    Show us your Pace rc100,200,300

    Just lovely, the flat yellow and grey are something else. The neon ones are so common…
  9. pete_mcc

    Single Speed Cranks Issue

    I’m with Imlach on this. In most instances loosening is caused by bad tapers on either the crank or bottom bracket. With square tapers it can also be caused by using an ISO crank on a JIS BB or the other way round. Once a taper on a crank is gone then it’s impossible to restore. You can crank up...
  10. pete_mcc

    Show us your Pace rc100,200,300

    Thanks! Its my hideaway, everything I need to escape the world in one room. It’s been a blessing in lockdown, doubles as my office and raises eyebrows on Zoom calls!
  11. pete_mcc

    Show us your Pace rc100,200,300

    Nothing worse than an old thread with dead links so here’s mine again:
  12. pete_mcc

    Show us your Pace rc100,200,300

    Can’t see any issues- saddle good, forks good, rear rack good, reflective spokey dokeys good….
  13. pete_mcc

    Advice request - steerers and stems =]

    Star fangled nuts do not offer any ‘steerer tube support’, they would not have stopped this happening, SFN are designed to deform, that’s how they gets squeezed into the steerer, they are not structural. The steerer is hard steel, the stem is soft alloy, it’s easy to guess which one has...
  14. pete_mcc

    Help ID this frame- guessing 91-93ish

    1992 specialized Stumpjumper Comp
  15. pete_mcc

    NOS Specialized Grips in Grey

    They are $95 because you are looking at them through and ebay now applies VAT automatically to most overseas purchases to the U.K, if you look at it through (when not signed in) you’ll see the real price. HMRC is screwing us every way they can!
  16. pete_mcc

    Badly listed Speedplay pedals...

    They’re the original Magnum pedals, pre Frogs.
  17. pete_mcc

    Dream Machine Smarties seat tube paintjobs

    Also remember someone who had an Iboc pro with the triangular Top Tube, obviously he had his painted like a toblerone
  18. pete_mcc

    Dream Machine Smarties seat tube paintjobs

    My Funk was one of the smarties frame. Each smartie was a vinyl sticker, hand applied. When I had the paint removed by media blasting it left raised smarties in the alloy, the gift that kept on giving! Mine wasn’t just a seat tube, it was the whole bloody bike. No photos, no one needs see that.
  19. pete_mcc

    Stradle Cable End Clamp Question

    A decent solderless nipple is all you need. Fairly standard, aim for a 5-6mm diameter:
  20. pete_mcc

    Pace RC100 - Bullseye crank questions - need some info to finish off my rebuild!

    The key isnt there to stop over-tightening, it’s there to stop the crank arm falling off if the bolt loosens. It slots into the hole in the axle and the arm pinch bolt. It’s not necessary if you keep the bolt tight. The pinch arm bolt is a 1/4” UNC, 3/16 bolt head, .24” thread diameter, .75”...