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  1. M-Power

    FAT CHANCE TITANIUM looks mint with nice spec

    Looks like a 93 in M/L rare larger size and in mint condition.
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    “Cyclists are bad for the economy and the planet”

    The bicycle is the slow death of the planet. General Director of Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said: "A cyclist is a disaster for the country's economy: he does not buy cars and does not borrow money to buy. He does not pay for insurance policies. He does not buy...
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    Seller’s on the pipe.
  4. M-Power

    Knackered old classic tyres !
  5. M-Power

    Moots 680mm Ti Riser bar - these are lovely to ride Not my for sale ad but just putting this out there for those who take comfort as well as performance seriously. I have 3 of these Ti bars and they are amazing - honestly. Really takes a lot of buzz out of the trail with Tis natural flex but without...
  6. M-Power

    The bike comes first !

    Just thought i’d share this vid. :lol: :shock: :D
  7. M-Power

    Frame and forks fully Nickel Plated, anybody had this done ?

    Some of the early Series Breezers have it. I love the look on a fine fillet brazed frame. Anybody had this done to a full bike frame and forks and can show us some pics ? Who would you recommend in the UK ? MP
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  9. M-Power

    NOS Mavic 231 rim import from the US - not my sale

    Gives an idea of what it costs to import one NOS rim from the US dont forget to add on the IMPORT and maybe £8-11 handling fee on top.
  10. M-Power

    Yo Eddy with factory fork

    Nice Medium Yo here. Shame about the killer import on top + ding repair and maybe a repaint.
  11. M-Power

    Manitou M1/2/3 steerers for sale,1in & 1-1/8th threaded/less

    A range of OEM Manitou 1/2 & 3 and maybe 4 steerers for sale. To be updated with pics and specs. What do you need ? First up is a NOS OEM 1in uncut 330mm threadless steerer £70 PPG + shipping. Patina from storage all these years. Hard to find. i imported it from Oz for mucho dinero more than im...
  12. M-Power

    Yo Eddy if you are quick

    Nice 1inch headtube ( i checked as they are normally 1 1/8th ) NY Saratoga made M/L Yo. Looks in good shape.... Not my sale but around 10mins left to bid.
  13. M-Power

    FAKE FAT Yet another fake FAT FS.
  14. M-Power

    One part that makes the difference.

    I fitted a Moots Ti riser on a Ti bike a few years ago and love the ride. I managed to get hold of another recently, fitted it to my steel daily and the ride has been transformed, the feel through the bars is that good. What ONE part do you fit that just transforms your ride ? Were you surprised ?
  15. M-Power

    Mavic 231 Ceramic rim/pair 32h in mint/NOS cond

    Good price paid ideally for just one rim but purchasing a pair or set of wheels considered. WHY ?
  16. M-Power

    Litespeed Ti fork from early 90’s crazy rare

    Uber rare beast with a long steerer, perfect for an early non sus corrected Ti frame 8) Modern repro version for comparison.
  17. M-Power


    As above short reach 100mm or so 1 inch alloy quill Flexstem needed. Cash waiting or tasty trade bait ready. I also have a NOS 1 1/8th Quill piecr to straight trade/swop for your minto 1 inch piece - see pics WHY ? ALL SORTED NOW.
  18. M-Power

    CK 1 inch 2Nut ideally or 1 inch NoThreadset in turquoise.

    Prefer 2 nut version but happy with NoThreadset version as long as its 1inch and original turquoise. Cash waiting or nice stuff to trade, including other CK headsets.
  19. M-Power

    Ringle Ti Holey Skewer set SORTED in turquoise or Ti seat

    Looking for a mint full set of 3 Ti Ringle holey skewers in turquoise or a minty Ti holey type seat binder of any colour and I will reanodise. Cash waiting. Euro shipping preferred. WHY ?
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    Dbl post.