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    X-lite jacket

    Now on eBay
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    X-Lite casual jacket
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    X-lite jacket

    Now £40 plus postage.
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    X-lite jacket

    Got this X-lite jacket that I no longer need. Believed to be from about 1997 and would say it was a large, maybe XL at a push. 2 x hand warmer pockets and an inside pocket. Press stud fastening. Think it’s kind of a wool material. £50 collected or actual postage.
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    Original 90’s Mint Sauce Keyring ... SwEaxgSdCo Got another one :wink:
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    Original 90’s Mint Sauce Keyring

    Re: Yeah its mine :facepalm: I bought one off here about 10 years ago for like £35. Actually got 2 of them so thought I'd see what I got offered on ebay! Thanks on the Goat, I love it.
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    Original 90’s Mint Sauce Keyring ... SwIe1gR0tu
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    Clear out job lot. *Sold*

    Re: Clear out job lot. *Sold Pending Collection* :lol: Oh yeah, it was earlier though!
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    Clear out job lot. *Sold*

    Re: Sold pending collection from a PM this morning.
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    Clear out job lot. *Sold*

    So having lugged all this stuff round from house move to house move I've decided to let it all go as I'm just not gonna use it. Selling everything pictured for £500 collected. I could make a lot more if I split it but have neither the time nor inclination to do so. Some highlights: 18" Breezer...
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    Early 90's GT / Caratti MTB Jersey - Yellow/Blue in L/XL

    Got this but not sure if its old enough?
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    Klein Mantra Pro frame NOS!

    Re: Guessing not as the original post was 5 years ago!
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    Shmiano LX pods chainset and front mech

    Re: Have you still got the lx shifters? Chris.
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    rockshox forks reconSild and rebaSold

    Re: Would you take £140 and I'll pay you now? Chris.
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    rockshox forks reconSild and rebaSold

    Re: That's cool. Couple more q's are they the solo air ones and do you have the little clamp thingy for the hose? Chris.
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    rockshox forks reconSild and rebaSold

    Re: Do the rebas have a straight steerer or tapered? Chris.
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    Classic Mercian Estrada Especiale for sale

    Re: Loving the look of this. What was the reason for the repaint and do you have any pics of it before? Chris.
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    32h hubs- Hope ideally

    Re: Would you consider a wheel set? Got blue hope pro hubs on mavic xc719's with blue nipples. Black rims and spokes. Nice condition but think the front hub bearings could do with replacing as is not uncommon on these. Wheels would come with qr front plus 20mm adaptors plus Maverick...
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    San Marco Due Saddle £26 posted!

    Re: Can I have the turbo please. Chris.
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    Re: If it's not sold I'll have it. Chris.