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  1. baj

    Wanted 19/20 inch steel frame, rolling chassis or complete bike

    I’ve got a 1995 Team Marin frame, forks, stem, bars. Also have wheels but can’t remember the specs.. could do for £130 posted? Basically wheels are free because I need the space! I think they are LX or DX
  2. baj

    Wanted Looking for a nice frame to start a new build

    I’ve just seen this, I have a 1995 Marin Team frame, fork and stem in a size that would suit
  3. baj

    Wanted Continental Race King Super Sonic 26 x 2.0 Folding Tyre

    I’ve got a 26” x 2.0” race king, new unused, but it’s not super sonic, or any other oasis song..
  4. baj

    Wanted M735/6 or M901 front mech top 31.8 + XT Pedals

    Might have a mech, I’ll check and let you know - edit.. if I do still have one it’s ok but not excellent
  5. baj

    For Sale 91 XT rear mech; XT LH thumbie; LX rear mech; STX shifter pods; UN72 XT BB

    UN72 bb arrived safe and sound, feels nice and smooth in hand, thanks very much 👍🏽🙂
  6. baj

    For Sale Orange R8 853 frame, wheels, tyres and some other bits

    Hi kez, it’s not sold but I’m waiting for the replacement to arrive before selling.. ive missed out on a few things but found one and just need to get it from Manchester area to S Wales! Plan is to ride the replacement frame, make sure I like it then sell this R8.. thing is the R8 does ride so...
  7. baj

    Wanted Flat Bar 31.8mm clamp

    Apparently these are described as flat but they too appear to have a slight rise! For sale if you like them though..
  8. baj

    Bontrager Barn find Leicester

    Wow they’re finding everything in Leicester, next they’ll unearth King Richard in a car park! … oh..
  9. baj

    For Sale Kona Cinder Cone Race Lite 1992

    I’m pretty sure I read in the 1993 Kona brochure that the 1993 lava dome/Cindercone used the 1992 Kilauea frame.. they tended to do that.. The steel Cindercone always rode nicely from memory.. good luck with the sale
  10. baj

    Wanted 1991 Marin Pine Mountain, Eldridge Grade or Team

    Ooh interesting! Please send me photos and how much you’d like for it?
  11. baj

    For Sale Late 90's early 00 part clearout

    A provisional yes please! I just need to measure the bike.. can I let you know in a few hours please?
  12. baj

    For Sale Late 90's early 00 part clearout

    How much is the xlite seatpost bolt? Do you have any photos?
  13. baj

    For Sale NOS neon green Kingsbery seat QR

    How much for a set incl wheel qrs?
  14. baj

    93? Klein Rascal Rekscue Project

    These are available in black and I’m pretty sure they do a 1” version.. they have cartridge bearings and are a bit lighter than XT..
  15. baj

    1990 Marin Pine Mountain

    Nice 40km ride up the valley, the light makes the forks and stem look a little more red than the orange they are..
  16. baj

    Wanted Shimano Deore 9 speed crankset

    It’s not doere but it is black!
  17. baj

    Wanted Shimano Deore 9 speed crankset

    I have a black shimano chainset, decent condition, can’t remember the model… I’ll find the sale thread
  18. baj

    1990 zolatone team marin..southampton..19 inch

    Did the team have rear rack mounts? - edit… I think I can see rack mounts in the catalogue on here.. I have a 1990 Pine Mountain and it rides really nicely, same geometry I think..