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    Wanted XT 735 Front Derailleur 31.8 BP

    In good order please with clean graphics. One of the last parts I need for my build!
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    Wanted Scott Pederson SE U Brake Please 🤞

    Been on the lookout for ages now but can't find one! It's for my 92 Zaskar build. Thanks, Matt
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    For Sale All Sold! Kooka, Cook Bros Cranks, Fournales Forks

    No longer needed for my build so up for sale are the following with more to follow..... PayPal friends & Family please or collection from Lincoln with a coffee n biscuits! Cook Bros Cranks £325 Posted UK. SOLD I would of removed the rings but I removed the big star nut on the back & the spider...
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    Found my old 94 Zaskar frame in the loft!

    Went in the loft to find some mk1 golf windows I put up there years ago as you do and came across my old Zaskar frame complete with USE seat post! I genuinely thought I'd sold this. I now have 3 Zaskar's... Nice.
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    Matt-k Feedback

    If anyone has any good feedback for me please! Or heaven forbid negative! Thanks 👍
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    What's this GT then? Avalanche, Aggressor, Zaskar.

    So I bought this as a frame only many years ago being told it was a Zaskar! I don't think so. The frame Number starts with a H so that makes it Taiwan made. It's a great bike and handled well when it was last built up but what is it REALLY? I put the stickers on and yes those are original Mint...
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    92 Zaskar LE Tech Shop Build

    So after having this frame in storage for several years I've finally decided to start building it! I've hoarded a collection of parts over the years and have recently bought even more but am still undecided on the final build so will try things as I go along. Here's the frame as it is today...
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    7 speed Cassette identification help?

    Can anybody shed any light on this, make/model? I picked it up at my lbs junk box and thought it looked quality.! Thanks for any input! Constructive or not!
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    Wanted Syncros Revolution Crankset

    Always wanted one, what you got!?
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    Wanted MBUK December 1992 Vol 5 issue 12

    This one pls
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    Wanted GT Flip Flop Stem + onza bar ends.

    The same as this one, ideally with the clamping bolt which goes on top of the handlebars same as the pic and not on the front like most I've seen. Also these bar ends.
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    Wanted Gusset Jury SL's or similar

    Always liked these forks on Keithb's Zaskar build so yes I would like to blatantly copy it!
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    Wanted 1-1/8th Kona Project 2 forks

    After some for my 92 Explosif build, condition of paint doesn't matter as I'll be painting them. Thanks.
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    What the heck are these Rockshox Mag Series II I’ve found??

    Hi, all it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve been on here but I still have my bikes and have just picked a pair of forks I’d like help identifying. I can’t find these anywhere on the internet so if someone knows what year they are and where they sit in Rockshox history that would be great...
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    Wanted, Yellow 20” Skyways straight spoke

    Just started getting parts together for my MK1 Red Burner and can’t seem to find these anywhere not even the new reissued ones? Also want a Gold rear MX calliper. Cheers, Matt
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    91 GT Frame Signed by Guy Martin ... 3267979776 Selling this on eBay as I need to raise some funds for a family cause. I can guarantee that all the signatures are 100% real. I see Guy, his brother & his Dad fairy regularly through my work at his dads garage in Caistor. I’ll be posting...
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    U Brake Pivot Frame bolts for Zaskar

    In need of some of these, it's the bolts which fit directly into the frame first. Cheers, Matt
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    GT STS Frame or possibly complete bike.

    Always fancied one of these and they still look trick. Must be in very good condition please. I'm also still after an early Zaskar with the U Brake frame. Thanks, Matt
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    HOLDSWORTH SPECIAL SPORT (Pursuit) Any Info Please!

    Hi all, not been on the forum in a while but spotted this bike for sale earlier (£90) and wondered if anyone had any info on this particular model? I know about the Holdsworth history as a company and other models but ive not seen this one before and a google search revealed nothing. If anyone...
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    Hi, As title really. After an early Zaskar frame in good order (no dents). Thanks, Matt