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    Dura Ace 7400 downtube shifter setup not right. Or is it me?

    Can anyone advise on the setup of Dura ace downtube shifters? The set I have work fine and shift fine. The rear shifter is obviously indexed and comes to a firm stop in the forward position. The left shifter for the front derailleur is sprung, and uncabled, the shifter springs back to be...
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    Condor Baracchi Build Thread

    So.. here she is, the build begins. I've been (and continue to be) collecting parts to start this build and I'm at the point now where I'm ready to start assembling. The frame is a refurbished Condor Barrachi in Reynolds 653. Colour is 'Mango'. Original plan was to go Dura Ace throughout, as...
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    Condor Baracchi 653 resto underway

    So here's my Baracchi 653 freshly painted in 'mango' and ready to be rebuilt. I'm 'curating' the build components based on what I lusted after as a 13 year old and what I can afford, with half an eye towards possibly doing an eroica on it one day. So far I have 7 speed transmission components...
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    Tubular evangelists - advice needed

    So, a build thread will be forthcoming at some point, as I progress the restoration of an old condor baracchi frameset, but the project seems to evolve with every component I acquire. Originally the plan was to build a mostly vintage correct bike, with some modern conveniences, such as dual...
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    Hi All, soldified! so - friday night, drunken ali express purchase. I need to turn this back into cash so pursuing all avenues. It's a solid enough frameset, but at 54cm, it's just a smidge too big for me, and it doesn't offer anything my other modern bike can't do, and the boy isn't interested...
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    Fancy lugged atrocity

    Just spotted this on eBay. Far too big for me but the frameset looks potentially interesting. Anyone any ideas about what lugs these are. I guess it actually could be a condor of some sort... ... 890.l49292
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    headset guidance

    So I got my frame back from the painters and now that I've finished swooning, I need to refocus on the task of assembling all the parts I need for my build. The frame is a condor Barrachi in Reynolds 653, and so far I have gathered hubs and transmission parts from various iterations of Dura Ace...
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    rim and spoke selection for Eroica build

    2 for 1 question here, canvassing for opinion and experience. I have acquired a set of dura ace (7401) hubs for my eroica(esque) build and am pondering spoke and rim choice. I am pretty much decided that I am going to eschew historic accuracy for rims. I am happy to go for retro looks and modern...
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    Potentially daft q. Re sizing and fit on a non compact frame

    I know exactly my size and preference for fit on my current bikes which are both modern design compact frames. I know where to put my saddle in relation to the BB and the best distance from saddle to bar as well as saddle to bar drop. I'm in the process of building up an 80s frame with...
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    Dura ace shifter refurbishment / modification possible?

    Hi All, bit of a noob question I guess, but I'm on the hunt for some 7 speed DA downtube shifters. I've found a few sets, all with issues. One is scruffy with a little rust on the bolts / inserts, and I am wondering if I could just salvage some more presentable parts from another lever set...
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    Condor Professional 653 - Heartbreaking

    This has been on ebay for weeks now and it's breaking my heart. It's just a size or 2 too big for me. Seems to be full campy chorus group (or maybe something else Campy - athena?), Reynolds 653 frame. Maybe it's a bit rich given the condition, but it looks like it would clean up ok...
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    Canvassing opinion on condor build

    Hi all. New to the forum and to retro bikes in general, but I've been toying with the idea of a resto job for a while and recently, in a drunken evening eBay trawl, picked up a nice condor baracchi frameset from the mid 80s. It's a bare framest, All that's left of the gruppo is a campag chorus...