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    Regina Freehub BX ORO 14-28t 5 Spd.. Sold

    Regina BX ORO Freehub cassette. 86 14-28T 5 Speed Cassette is unused but has some marks from storage over the years, £40 posted ono SOLD
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    Shimano XTR RD M-952 Rear Mech ...Sold

    Shimano XTR , RD M-952 rear derailleur £25
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    XT ST M-091 Shifters Pair

    Shimano XT ST M-091 Shifters £30
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    Shimano Cranks M571 Set Blue

    Shimano M571 crankset, plus extra new unused drive side arm.. Blue £40 ono
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    Pace RC35 AB Kevlar Forks, Magura HS D Raceline set, Yellow,

    Pace RC35 Kevlar Atmosphere Balanced Forks New elastomers fitted (From Pace) £165 SOLD Magura HS D Raceline Brakeset £100 ono SOLD
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    1993 LIYANG, carbon frame... Sold

    Pub bike needs to go, other projects Liyang Carbon Pro ll 1993 Frame :Carbon tubes and alloy cast lugs, frame (Wrapped in carbon Vinyl) original paint and decals underneath. Frame £65 ono sold Location: New Forrest Can post viewtopic.php?t=150797