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    SB9 returned to the UK this week after a lifetime in the US. After 3 days and approx 3500 miles, SB9 was in my collection. It is original paint and transfers and has all of the original Super Record components. The paint and transfers are in amazing condition and just covered in thick...
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    Hennie Kuiper's TI-Raleigh 1976 Team Bike Frame Number HK276

    Non original parts, non original colour, non original fork, but this is HK276. This is Hennie Kuiper's 1976 frame Ridden in TI-Raleigh's 1st ever Tour de France and almost certainly the bike that Hennie rode (as World Champion) to TI-Raleigh's first ever TDF stage win (Stage 4)...
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    Cees Priem 1979 TI-Raleigh Road Frame CP.1.79

    Yesterday I received a new Raleigh 753 frame all the way from Poland. It was a frame that popped up on eBay last week and I snapped it up at a very good price. It is stamped with the frame number CP.1.79 This is a frame built for TI-Raleigh rider Cees Priem As you can see, it has been...
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    New Addition 1979 Reynolds 753 SB3235

    This is frame number 38 in my little collection of SBDU frames. A 1979 original paint frame. It has all the typical features of this period SBDU 753 and is a perfect partner for SH377T, a 1977 Reynolds 753 Track frame in the same scheme
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    Another SBDU - A Rather Nice Little Frame

    A couple of weeks ago, one of the authors of a book published in the late 70s, "The Penguin Book of the Bicycle", got in touch about his Raleigh SBDU 753 frame. Both authors had frames built during the time that they were researching and writing the book. The frame number of SB1995 dates to...
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    Interesting Motor Paced Stayer...

    I received this yesterday... it is a bit of a mystery but might have a hidden story. It is claimed to be a custom built frame from 1984 but appears to be mid 70s. It is built like a tank, in fact it would probably demolish a tank. It has the biggest chainstays, they measure approx 26mm...
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    SB8790 SBDU Nottingham 531c 24" Lo Pro Road "As New"

    I was offered what was described as a 'Mint' frame, built up but never ridden. The frame was built by SBDU Nottingham in 1987 and shipped directly to its new owner in Australia - the frame comes with the original Raleigh box, TI compliments slip and shipping 'telegram' with info on flight...
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    A really nice but tired looking SBDU

    I've added another SBDU to my collection... This is a 531 Professional frame, numbered SB7393. It has lots of nice parts and just needs a little TLC after being stored and a leaky garage for a couple of years. The first thing I liked about it was the original paint and the red/grey...
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    Un-ridden 1984 SBDU with Super Record

    This is the latest addition to my SBDU collection, a late 1984 531c frame built up during 1985/86 with Super Record (Record Pedals) and then never ridden. It has spent its life in the guest room of a home in Denmark. Apart from one tiny mark on one of the chain stay SBDU ovals and a small mark...
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    SH377T a nice eBay find

    The 2nd acquisition of the week. I couldn't believe my luck that this was just sitting on eBay. It had some fuzzy low res pictures in the ebay ad as the seller had broken his camera but the description mentioned a frame built my Mike Mullett for Steve Heffernan. Zooming into the pictures...
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    SB4933 A Reynolds 531SL frame

    While the world seems to be going price crazy for repainted 753 SB frames, it is good to know that beautiful SBDU frames at excellent prices do still exist! This is a frame that was originally red and cream but was later chromed by the SBDU in the mid 80s - the chrome is excellent! It was...
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    I've squeezed another SBDU 753 frame into the collection

    SB3505 is a 1980 SBDU 753 frame in original TI Team colours. It came with the original Super Record headset and also a very nice Campagnolo 170 Pista crank and BB which will be used on another bike. The paint on this frame is in excellent condition, one of the nicest original frames I've seen...
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    A beautiful original SBDU 753 Time Trial Special SB1500

    There is no question about renovating this one, it doesn't need any work - it is in amazing condition for a 40 year old frame.
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    Rescuing a rare SBDU Team Cyclo Cross Frame SB5084 531SL

    I was contacted recently about this rather strange looking bike. It was being stored in a shed suffering from salty sea air on the Isles of Scilly. Used as a bit of a hack bike for getting around the island. Fitted with mudguards, pannier rack, high rise stem and flat bars, big padded saddle...
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    SB1861 needing some work

    Although it needs a lot of work, I couldn't resist this bike. It is an original owner bike, just very sad looking at the moment. Everything on this bike is as it was when it was originally built.
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    SBDU SB6560 1984 531c Services des Courses

    I've had this frame for about 18 months now but don't know if I've ever shown it here. I bought it knowing that it had some damage, the gear lever bosses had been hacked off... and at some point, someone had done a bad job of fitting transfers. However, there is always hope with steel! As it...
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    SB632 1976 SBDU 753 Team Track Pursuit Frame

    This is the earliest 753 SBDU SB numbered track frame I have seen. SB632 dates to the Easter period of 1976, only a few months after 753 was introduced. It is built for lightness and track pursuits rather than the normal super strong and stiff 531 SBDU track machines. I bought this frame from a...
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    1981 SBDU Dynaflite TT Reynolds 753 Aero Tubing

    A new project... A 1981 SBDU Special Build. There aren't many of these, a Dynaflite TT built with 753 Aero tubing (SBDU called this Ovoid). Ignore the current 753R transfer, as all the current frame transfers have been fitted later. I'll be fitting the correct transfers soon. Forks are...
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    753R Raleigh Banana SBDU

    Thank you to Phil for the frame. This is a lovely SBDU frame, SB8868, in Banana colours. It is in amazing condition and ready to build - all I'm going to do with the frame is re-fit some of the missing Banana transfers. As the top tube transfer says, it will be built with Dura-Ace 7400
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    Another SBDU Team Pro 753

    I've recently added another TI-Raleigh 753 to the SBDU collection, SB3800. This one is from 1980 and is a 57 cm 753 (my size). It was resprayed at some point in the mid 80s and still in excellent condition. It has a lovely mix of Super Record/Record and Suntour Superbe Pro. All I've had to do is...