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    who knows what about muddyfox!

    At London Bridge and just spotted a lovely large white courier ridden by someone in (possibly)double denim sporting new smoke/dart combo👍
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    Vittoria Freedom tyres : Anyone know the date of manufacture?

    I fitted a pair on one of my bikes but they don’t seem to run perfectly ‘round’. I might try them again but I’m not in a rush.
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    Chainring sizes - 50t/40t/28t

    I had 48t triple bio pace on a Kona a few years ago. It wasn’t a problem and I rode it for 5 or 6 years before selling the bike.
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    shiney Indian Fire Trail finished

    It Looks great and I’m glad you still have it and use it.
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    shiney Indian Fire Trail finished

    Yes and I assume it’s you then! Have you still got it and I hope it’s still riding well!
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    1991 Kona Explosif - The Purple One

    I had trouble with a pair of the same tyres. I felt like I was eel wrestling.
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    Retrobike heaven on YouTube!

    My old Explosif is on there and very complimentary he was too!
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    Retrobikeguy's feedback thread

    Bought a front mech. Was all good and Lee posted it very quickly.👍
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    1991 Kona Explosif - The Purple One

    I used some antibacterial hand gel to get some grips on. Seems better than hairspray.
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    For Sale Deore thumb shifters, XTR 34.9mm front mech

    Can I take the. 28.6 Xtr front mech please
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    Sorted XTR 31.8 M900 Bottom Pull Front Derailleur

    I’ve sent a pm to you regarding this.
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    1990 Kona Explosif now completed

    Finished building it now with the exception of the shark fin. here’s the spec: Frame: Tange prestige tubing Forks: Kona project 2 with 1 inch steerer Paint: black with Montana gold blue and pink splatter. Lacquered with spray.Bike kerin metallic fleck. Decals: Gil Headset: Tange...
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    1990 Kona Explosif now completed

    Splatter is the easiest part I’d say. Just get a 1/2 inch brush spray paint into to cans lid and flick away. I did find that you’re better off using a little at a time to get smaller spots of splatter, as the paint starts to go off quickly and starts to string together more.
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    1990 Kona Explosif now completed

    New paint arrived and I’ve splatted it and given it a couple of coats of Kerin lacquer. I’ll leave it to harden for a day or two and then get it put back together.
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    Sorted FD M900 ø28,6

    That’s not the FD m900 you’re looking for. Jedi mind trick
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    1990 Kona Explosif now completed

    A bit of splatter to match the forks for now.
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    1990 Kona Explosif now completed

    A bit of progress. It’s had a coat of primer and black paint and the decals have arrived from Gil. The neon pink splatter hasn’t quite worked on the forks so I’m not risking the blue I bought. I’m waiting for some different blue and pink paint to come to try it again.
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    What’s the best way of getting hold of Gil? On here or on Bookface? . message him and he’ll reply pretty quickly
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    shampoo...brilliant for coming in from the workshop....

    I read somewhere that a lot of old golfers in America swear by it on their joints. There must be something in it. Literally!
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    Caustic soda time

    Using Boiling water makes it react better.