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    Attitude. Late 93 I needed a new bike. My Fisher had been stolen for a third time and a couple of weeks later there was still no sign of recovery. Insurance was on board for the first thousand, so I hit the LBS to see what was on offer. I figured I could spend up to $3,000 so I could move up a...
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    War Horse - 1989 Procaliber

    This old war horse has had some love and been a few places. New to me, huge thanks must go to Chris for thinking of me - raiding a donor bike for some of the build kit and looking forward to going for a hoon once its finally sorted.
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    1998 K2 5500c

    This story is about the bike that made me want a bike again….. The short back story…. As a young boy who fought to purchase his beloved 1989 HK-II viewtopic.php?f=6&t=143697 in 1990 only to lose her for the third time towards the end of 1993, I moved on to replace the Fisher in late 1993 by...
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    XC Pro Pedals

    I am after a pair of VGC / Mint / NOS pedals as above shipped to New Zealand. Would like to ensure that decals are in great condition. Hopefully someone out there can help. Thanks Leyton
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    Well I have a couple of builds on the go and thought I should share. Plan to have this one ready by the 6th of July for our local Doctor Bike Retro Bike Art Show....or whatever we call it! Will get some photo's of the bike up soon that's getting the refresh treatment. But for now thought I...
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    Doctor Bike RetroBIKE Show - New Zealand

    2013 Doctor Bike RetroBIKE MTB Show Sat 6th July, 11.30am – 3pm 10 Thackers Quay, Woolston, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand 5pm Thurs 4th July: Registrations Close. Free of charge but require; full name, email and mobile number. Maximum 3 bikes per person. Open to any MTB pre 1998 that is...
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    Black Betty

    With my first foray into BoTM (July 2012) officially over I thought I would start my second build thread. Be warned it’s not going to be a quick build or at least a quick finish. Although you can take comfort in the knowledge that this one’s a rider and not a garage queen like my original...
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    Purple Fisher CR-7

    I remember seeing one of these outside a shop in 1993 - in fact saw it a few times but never since 1993. Have trawled the net looking for images and can find every colour except purple. Have acquired a black CR-7 in need of love - but want a picture of a purple one for inspiration. Can...
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    1989 - Fisher HK-II - NOS

    Long time watcher – first time poster. So I decided my HK-II deserved a birthday tickle. After all we’ve been through a lot and neither of us was prepared to let a good thing die. A couple of decades ago in our galaxy was a boy who dreamed of having a bike that made him smile. Fortunately...