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    83 Ritchey Competition

    About 10 years ago, I saw an Annapurna on the Second Spin page and I thought it was the coolest fillet brazed bike I had ever seen. I knew I wanted one and then I saw the price tag. Not a chance of buying one at that price, not to mention finding one in my size. That bike started my fillet...
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    In search of 22" XL Uniklein or Boxfork for 91 Attitude

    Title says it all- will pay $750-$1500 depending on condition. Rob 7033712984
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    Warning! Scam Alert!

    There's a scammer in the ranks. His name is Adam Rees from the UK and his Paypal name is ADLobster. He sold me a fork on Feb. 14th and I paid for it in full but I have yet to receive it. He has given me a bogus tracking number and has been unresponsive in attempts to contact him. Don't let this...
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    PD M636 pedals

    Looking for NOS or extremely nice condition pedals. Have lots of mid 90's XT and XTR components to trade and also have $$$.
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    Looky what came in the mail today!

    Brand new, never mounted, rare color, NOS, CBR Crankset, CBR Rings, CBR Skewers I found one of those Vintage Gold Mines!
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    Yeti frame

    anyone have one of those elevated chainstay Yeti bikes? I think it would make a nice belt drive single speed... A way to turn a funky bike into a cool bike.
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    Pair of '96 Control Tech Team Issue bikes

    I've been riding these for a while now and they're impressive. I'm 6' 5" and 260-300# and these bikes can handle the abuse that only a gorilla like me can dish out. Both of these bikes are only off by 1 serial number- missing the middle for a trio. There were less than 100 of these ever made...
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    Want to buy ControlTech V brakes

    Looking for any colors available. Also interested in buying spring kits.