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  1. Dr-Zocchi

    Norco Rampage

    Never ever use motor oil! Their are a lot of additoves in the oil withwill harm the NBR seals! Use bike or moto FORK oil only! Something like Motorex Fork Oil SAE 7,5 W.
  2. Dr-Zocchi

    Norco Rampage

    Service is easy. Check my Marzocchi Manuals Repository : and there are no very special tool needed.
  3. Dr-Zocchi

    For Sale For sale Marzocchi Bomber Superfly Z2 Forks 1998 MTB Retro

    That looks like a very nice Marzocchi Z2 Super Fly from 2000, it is an air fork. Check my Marzocchi Manuals Repository : for more details. New Seals are available as I have reprocessed all older Marzocchi seal kits 1989-2018 =>...
  4. Dr-Zocchi

    Sold Marzocchi Bomers - karma

    That's a rock solid Marzocchi 2004 MX Comp. There are still a lot of different variants out there, easy to service. Manuals can be found on my Marzocchi Documentation site : All older Marzocchi's 1989 - 2018 have _full_ seals...
  5. Dr-Zocchi

    2000 Marzocchi Bomber z1 Crown and steerer tube.

    I have that in stock - old or new - and I can press in a new CroMo or Aliminium steerer up to 300mm for you. The new ones are here : I made that batch when I realized that crowns for rebuildings...
  6. Dr-Zocchi

    Sintesi Snake projects

    No, that crowns are the same if the forks are from the same years, but with Z1 BAM + Z2 BAM Marzocchi changed the crown height because of weight reduction and opticals. They also changed the top caps (5), the cartridges head (11, top part and thread direction changes), 7 and the knobs...
  7. Dr-Zocchi

    Sorted Marzocchi z2 atom air lower leg adjuster

    🥇Sure. Marzocchi already did suspension when they started in the bike segment and most of the other brands started to get that knowledge, starting with elastomers, broken cartridges and other lots of fails 😱🤣. Happy you made it! Have fun!
  8. Dr-Zocchi

    Sorted Marzocchi z2 atom air lower leg adjuster

    LOL. I have sorted parts last weekend and found it also ... but was not sure it is the correct one, it lacks describtion and serial. Nice you have found it! Seller Piotr is great and has good prices.! Right one is also available here ...
  9. Dr-Zocchi

    For Sale 1998 KONA HOT

    Are you looking for a seal kit?
  10. Dr-Zocchi

    Help! - Issues with vintage Marzocchi bomber fork

    Use the correct tool and a longer lever like a big screwdriver + also use some round clamps to fix the lowers as a pro would do!!
  11. Dr-Zocchi

    Sorted Marzocchi z2 atom air lower leg adjuster

    Ask the seller Piotr directly. He is a well known Marzocchi expert who bought off some Marzocchi stores.
  12. Dr-Zocchi

    Kona King Kikapu Marzocchi Marathon losing air

    As long as new seals & docs are available I would keep that fork. 🤙 Check my Marzocchi Manuals Repository : Seal Kits :
  13. Dr-Zocchi

    Sorted Marzocchi z2 atom air lower leg adjuster

    Did you ask in the Faebook groups? This are the most active Marzocchi communities nowadays.
  14. Dr-Zocchi

    Value of Kona Catalogues

    You don't like the digital version?
  15. Dr-Zocchi

    Recommend a suspension fork for 1999 Kona Explosif.

    All Marzocchi's will do the trick, there are lot's on the market. Rock solid. Full seals support(!). Also a lot of parts are available. Easy to service, most of documents can be found online, cool community (FB is most active). Check my Marzocchi Manuals Repository :
  16. Dr-Zocchi

    Value of Kona Catalogues

    Scan it and make it public. It is a pleasure to host those documents for such wel known brands. If anyone have some more than here please post it. I make them public available in my repository for free download.
  17. Dr-Zocchi

    For Sale *RST and Marzocchi forks added* Girvin crosslink fork and proflex 657 frame

    => Marzocchi bomber z3.5 fork, : The canti socket question is easy to solve Check
  18. Dr-Zocchi

    For Sale 2001 Marzocchi Junior T

    You are looking for Jr T's? Check this picture, 1st from right, the red one.
  19. Dr-Zocchi

    For Sale Marzocchi Bomber X Fly 80 226mm steerer 1544grams

    Check my Marzocchi Manuals Repository :
  20. Dr-Zocchi

    Wanted Mavic X317 Disc (Grey) & Marzocchi 66RC 20mm Axle

    Marzocchi QR Axle 164x20mm, Marzocchi Original Art. No. : 850956. =>