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  1. KondratievsBike

    £25 (seriously) Dave Lloyd in Carnforth…
  2. KondratievsBike

    For Sale Middleburn cranks (175) with red spider -£115

    Was going to put these on my Yates but on reflection she looks lovely with the Toplines she has had since time immemorial. £95 plus post if needed unless I’m miles off.
  3. KondratievsBike

    Sold £35 Fluo yellow Magura Racelines (minus some bolts)

    I’m so sorry… they’ve just gone.
  4. KondratievsBike

    Sold £35 Fluo yellow Magura Racelines (minus some bolts)

    They’re a bit scruffy but work well. They are missing some mounting bolts but have the QRs £35 plus post if required or collected from Wakey.
  5. KondratievsBike

    Sorted Touring/shopping rear rack

    Not in London but you could have this for a tenner plus post? It’s a Topeak Tourist DX
  6. KondratievsBike

    For Sale Elvish (French) Reynolds 531 bike with Simplex / Mafac etc £275

    In the words of Donkey in Shrek… Pick me, pick me…
  7. KondratievsBike

    For Sale Campagnolo Triomphe / victory groupset and wheels £275

    Pretty sure this is Triomphe but I don’t really know the difference! Was keeping for a Gazelle build (once cleaned) but now doing early Dura Ace. A wonderful project for those who like polishing 🤣 Full groupset with lever hoods. I’ve also got some replacement nuts for the brakes to do a...
  8. KondratievsBike

    For Sale Dave Yates Diablo with LX

    She’s a cutie! But I can probably only keep one and this one has been with me since he was born 🥰
  9. KondratievsBike

    For Sale Dave Yates Diablo with LX

    Think I need to sell this as part of the space making process. It’s a bit of a bike kit at the mo as I’ve been swapping bits around working out what can be kept and what can’t and haven’t put the brakes on yet 🤣 The frame once lived with @Si_33 and others. Now built with P2s; LX groupset and a...
  10. KondratievsBike

    1991 Shogun resto project

    Ooh, I need to watch this. My first mountain bike was a Shogun Trail Breaker 3 and I always wanted a Prairie Breaker.
  11. KondratievsBike

    For the fan of Diamond Backs (or bright green things)
  12. KondratievsBike

    For Sale A bit of a rolling clear out -Onza brakes; Pedals, Cranks and Stems and bars and stuff

    I think they are 110 for the XT and 104 for the Alivio
  13. KondratievsBike

    Wanted Canpagnolo ergo levers - any speed or hollowed

    This may be too off piste but I have some silver Tektro ones that are a really simian shape and feel if you don't have any luck with Campag.
  14. KondratievsBike

    Wanted Tatty bits, dispose them here!

    Just working my way through this... God knows what's in there :LOL:
  15. KondratievsBike

    Family members, past and present

    Elvish fresh from late 1960s France (or the world of Tolkien according to preference)
  16. KondratievsBike

    Family members, past and present

    1960s Paramount with Nervar lugs rescued from the scrap bin 3 decades ago when I worked at Chevin Cycles. One day to be properly restored with Simplex gears and a suicide shifter 🤣
  17. KondratievsBike

    JOIN THE ORANGE "CLOCKWORK" CLUB,show your bikes!

    Thanks for posting these. Having established that I can't keep all my old bikes due to the (very happy) blending of households I've hit on a way of making sure I can still have a Clockwork / C16 by building up a teeny tiny one (such as above) for my partner's 12 year old :cool: Wasn't sure...