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    Saracen Blizzard Ebay

    Old Saracen Blizzard on the bay for £135. Looks to be all original, has been on for quite some time, and posted several times here
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    Raleigh full 531 non-SBDU but O’Donavan badged- TLC req’d £60 , Dundee

    Have updated thread title given all the input here Cheers
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    Raleigh full 531 non-SBDU but O’Donavan badged- TLC req’d £60 , Dundee

    Largeish Raleigh GO’D badged Full 531 frame in need of a bit of a restore looks like all right era bits and bobs on it, around 87-88 likely Worksop built. bargain at £60 for the chainset alone, never mind the gem of frame it is on. would get it myself out of shed space if someone here gets it...
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    KHS Montana Crest, Edinburgh, £40

    KHS Montana Crest, smallish frame in Stars and Stripes, for £40 not top of range but don’t see many about
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    Mike Kowal Reynolds 653 £100, nearish to Edinburgh

    22 inch Mike Kowal Reynolds 653 tubing from late 1980s looks to be needing some tlc, but comes with free Brooks saddle
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    Raleigh Randonneur 708, £125, Dundee

    Raleigh Randonneur Bike, Reynolds 708 Supertouristique frame and forks don’t look original. Looks on smallish side..
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    Trek 930, Edinburgh

    Trek 930 in Edinburgh, smallish and from pics looks ok for £50, would leave the extra 30 for plastic flaps though
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    Saracen Trekker 1988 £35

    Saracen Trekker £35 Drylaw Looks to have many original bits, ideal for restore
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    Klein Attitude, Dunfermline

    Klein Attitude in Dunfermline on gumtree. large looks to be good bar a sticky shifter
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    Univega Alpina 509, Appleby

    Univega Alpina 509 in vgc, with bonus Coda crank sitting at £100 bugger it is miles away from me…
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    Large Marin Bear Valley, £50, Hinckley

    Looks good for £50, Bargain for someone.…
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    1989 MS Racing Comp XT, Kent

    Best guess is they bought from old dear and looking to make a quick buck…
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    1989 MS Racing Comp XT, Kent

    MS Racing Comp XT, 1989 small but looks a cracker
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    Cannondale M700, Perth

    Lovely looking original spec and great price , £140, Perth
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    BRC Sierra, Edinburgh

    Interesting 80s BRC Sierra in Edinburgh…
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    Rocky Mountain Fusion, Bolton

    Looks mint, on eBay pick up Bolton, wish it was closer…
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    Raleigh Technium, Suntour XCE, eBay

    Back on ending tomorrow currently £100 +postage
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    Thorn Club Tour, Stroud £100

    Looks good, Thorn 531 touring bike early mid 90s
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    Muddy Fox Courier Comp Chain and cables req’d to get going!
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    98 Claud Butler Cape Wrath 16” Frame, £30

    should come up nice with a wire wool and a polish