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    For Sale 93 Marin Eldridge Grade with upgrades

    Thanks mate, I think this is an inch larger than mine, could potentially make it work. how much would you want for frame and forks?
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    For Sale 93 Marin Eldridge Grade with upgrades

    If 17.5 bb to top of seat tube I would be interested in the frame and fork if you do split. Lovely bike, I have a Bobcat already and looking to find a lighter frame. Either a 93 Eldridge Grade or Pine Mountain. Cheers Lee
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    For Sale 93 Marin Eldridge Grade with upgrades

    What size is the frame?
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    Sold Kona Fire Mountain - 1993. 19" *SOLD*

    Can I have this? want to buy for a friend that doesnt have much money but wants to ride. 👍
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    For Sale Muddy Fox Courier Comp 90’

    What are they like to ride MSYT? Id really like one.
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    For Sale Muddy Fox Courier Comp 90’

    Lovely bike!
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    For Sale XTR front mech M961

    XTR front mech 31.8 clamp In nice condition. £25 delivered PayPal F&F.
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    For Sale Magura Marta Hydraulic Disc Brake Set from a Cannondale f700

    Took these off a Cannondale F700 that I bought. £50 delivered PayPal F&F please message me if you have any questions.
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    Sold 1993 Team Marin Frameset XT Headset Deore Cranks and Chainrings

    I hope this sells, Im also keen. My plan was to swap out all the components on my Bobcat and put on the same style Pine Mountain frame as I love the green, but this is tempting. Is it a simple case of polishing to tidy up or it clear coated?
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    This place is bad for me.... shall I buy an early 90s Kona?

    Thanks all for the replies. I think I need one, hopefully they are fun to ride. I need to figure out if a 16 or a 17" frame is right for me.
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    This place is bad for me.... shall I buy an early 90s Kona?

    Have had lots of Cannondales late 90s, early 2000's. Some really cool projects inlcuding a drop couple of drop bar bikes with GRX. Always wanted a Marin from being a kid late 80s but only just bought one and love it. Now after seeing pics of Konas and never having ridden one Im thinking about a...
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    For Sale Marin lite 26 tyres

    Nice and supple, really nice condition - £30 posted PayPal F&F. Pm me if interested!
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    For Sale Cannondale Headshok Fatty B brake fork

    Nice condition, suspension seems smooth. I can send a video. Non lockout model V brake only! £85 posted PM me if interested
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    For Sale Viscount Cannondale MTB saddle from a f800

    Really lovely condition. £75 posted PayPal F&F PM me if interested
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    Show us your marins!

    Apologies for thread hijack!
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    Show us your marins!

    @Hezza often kids in the back. need a roof rack for bike!
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    Show us your marins!

    Would love a Camper but mainly old oil leaking Porsches. Since you asked about that and the pooch I will post a pic...
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    Show us your marins!

    Thanks @Hezza He loves a ride, just trots alongside me with the odd sprint. Although on the hills will often look back at me quizzically 'why so slow?'
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    Show us your marins!

    On a ride yesterday. Need to find a matching rear Araya to finish the bike, rides lovely.
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    Wanted Marin Palisades trail or Eldridge grade 199415.5" Small - Frame or complete bike

    Cash waiting for a nice condition bike. Thanks!