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    BoTM Bike of The Month February 2024 - UK Special: Now taking entries

    2 had that frame and forks, the maveric 18 pro sbdu, and tha avanti mk1, the avanti mk 2 had the u break moved up to the cross bar on the frame from the chain stay along with a curved tripple butted 531 fork with appalachian, the 531 avanti had 1.5 cm longer chain stay though. along with the...
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    Mtrax 500 what size steerer and length

    while your hear, what stem would be on my old ozark? its a bmx sa head on the quill, so i am guessing thats a 1" im looking for the slingshot style sa head stem
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    Mtrax 500 what size steerer and length

    Hiya, thanks for that :) my bad i ment the length of the steerer on the fork, as its a threaded for, for a quill stem. do i measure from the lowest point of the crown or flat of the bearing race or above the bottom race to top of tube?
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    BoTM Bike of The Month May 2024 "Canadian Special" - now taking entries

    I don't know, if I want one of them, he only propped it against the wall.... then it fell apart! Jesus.....
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    Mtrax 500 what size steerer and length

    Hiya guys, what diameter steerer 1" or 1 1/4" on a 1993 dynatech Mtrax 500 I don't have any calipers to measure the diameter of the quill stem.
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    Raleigh Mirage 1988 Decals

    I've not forgot you, has been mental busy here, 15 hour day today, and picked up an mtrax 500 on my way home, which is in need of down tube and seat post decals as well, along with a little respray on the down tube, was my bike 5 years ago, along with the Dynatech ogre xce, which I've just...
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    Show me your Raleigh's

    was sold under a few names, Raleigh Europe being the saloon version, was also a maverick branded version in bright red, with gold lettering, sold in asia.
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    Show me your Raleigh's

    one of the nicest reynolds bikes, Raleigh done, this was screaming out, for 531 tubes
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    Show me your Raleigh's

    I got one of those, fabulous bike
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    Show me your Raleigh's

    is it an mtrax 1000?
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    Show me your Raleigh's

    I've got a mirage, amazing trail bike, funny enough, after 35 years, doesn't need servicing every 5 mins, like the new bikes as well :) lol
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    Show me your Raleigh's

    huffy, Schwin and specialized at one point, were all interconnected, basically, if its a Reynolds frame, its a Raleigh. its a Raleigh brand, Raleigh company and all went into the Raleigh pot, same as stutmey n Brooks, before it was all split up. the ironic thing is, ti India, that was set up by...
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    Raleigh Dyna Tech appreciation and information thread

    yup, I'm blown away, I got an old galaxy and to see a picture like that, from a phone, really shows how much tech has advanced, in just a few years. I bought a GoPro 9 only 3 years ago, the new 11, is in a different league
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    Repairing a bonded frame

    it didn't fail, it had a temporary fault, just like a Rolls Royce :)
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    Raleigh Dyna Tech appreciation and information thread

    what camera are using, the quality and definition in the pics is amazing, really brings out the detail and the colour
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    Raleigh Maverick, £300.00 BIN, Crewkerne

    yup, its amazing raleigh, lasted as long as they did, can you imagine how many kids were disappointed, when they seen the tioga maverick or the maverick gt, asked mum for one for christmas and ended up with the butt ugly mustang version, with those ugly af drop outs or the 5 speed version, id...
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    the unofficial 'cool' 1980's Reynolds 531/501 bike thread

    hiya buys, im after a 531 square head fork, lugged, for my avanti, im gonna rebuild it as a maverick 18 pro, happy to swap my 531 curved blade or buy for cash
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    1987 Raleigh Avanti *****Finished*****

    hiya, where did you get your decals? cheers
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    Raleigh Maverick Front Mech

    hiya guys, can any one tell me, the paint code or paint name for the grey, i think its ford moonstone, same as a cosworth.
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    Sold MAVIC 315 Headset 1"

    sniff, cry, sob sob, sniff, that's the most beautiful thing, I've ever read! );