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    Withdrawn Saracen race elite 91/92 £60!!!

    What size is your red one? ( Tommy's is sadly too big for me )
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    Mid 90s Saracen

    Cable routing and other braze ons ) often varied from frame batch to batch, if that's any help.
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    Early Saracen Lovers Anonymous......

    I made a seperate post for this but think it should be here as well: 1993 Saracen Traverse Elite. Changes from original: Wheels, stem, bars, and shifters (1995 LX) And fork. I like the wheels as they are and will be adding better tyres. Cockpit will be getting changed back to Ritchey...
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    Saracen shahara age?

    That thar be a 1992. BOAB
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    I've never?

    Same. I have repaired my bikes when I WORKED in a bikeshop, because tools were/are expensive and I was a poor, but never had anyone fix one of mine for me. I am not a barbarian. Also never built a wheel. ( Fixed plenty, but built from parts? nope) One day though... BOAB
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    Brace of Kilauea's '92 and '94

    What would you be looking for? Were there particular things to be looking out for?
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    1993 Saracen Traverse Elite

    Hi folks, the Trekker I found fell through BUT a Traverse Elite popped up so I bought that instead - not as original as the Trekker was but it's still got a lot of original parts. Paint is good if a LITTLE faded in places - the main problem with the paint being on the top tube which the...
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    1987 specialized hardrock

    For downhilling.
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    Mint sauce/MBUK Bragging rights 😎

    Oooh Ta! @Skeeter1 : Any chance of pics of the rest of the Saracen Review and the conclusions from the group test?
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    Skeeter 1 's 1993 Kona Cindercone build thread.

    Hi mate, you're welcome! It's great to hear your whole story behind the bike and how you're going with it. BOAB is just short for Baldy on a Bike - me signing off :-) With the sizes yes I was wondering if you'd stayed the same sizes from bike to bike as I have changed a few times myself...
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    Skeeter 1 's 1993 Kona Cindercone build thread.

    You're not mucking about are you? :-D This is really going to be special, I think. Have you gone up a size at all? Here's my Kona story. Late 92 I went to Bicycleexpo in Alexandra Palace and hoovered up all the catalogues. Kona were there and Saracen who were two of my favourite stands at the...
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    Saracen 1 and Saracen 2

    That Traverse is just fantastic! It's deffo the coolest of the pair. Have you compared the ride with the Tufftrax?
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    Picking up a 93 Saracen Trekker on Friday, Can't Find it in the Catalogue.

    I am glad I am not hallucinating about it being a 93 model - I know that I have seen a few now and all of them fitted with 93 Exage. Indeed that year, you could get the base Saracen Max Drive fork in either Chromo or Alu flavours, a Tange sus fork, RS Quadras or RC 35s. I can remember going to...
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    What frame is this look lik a raleigh to me but dont know which model

    It looks like a A Pro frame to me. It's definitely not a Raleigh. BOAB
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    Picking up a 93 Saracen Trekker on Friday, Can't Find it in the Catalogue.

    Hi folks, I am picking up a 93 Trekker on Saturday. It'll need something doing to the fork ( I may get new elastomers, I may replace the fork, either is possible ) but I am quite excited to find a nice small one. Thing is, is there a page missing from the Saracen 93 Catalogue scan? I went to...
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    I’ve not seen one …

    I've never seen any of the Muddy Fox Interreactive bikes in the metal. ( I mean there are probably loads but that's one of the ones I would really like to see, and especially ride ) Did any get to dealers or were the few built just prototypes? I HAVE seen a couple of Rock and Rolls out in the...
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    Wanted Small Dynatech Full Bike

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a Dynatech - a small one, no bigger than 45cm. Not all THAT fussy about model as long as it's a bonded frame. Inexpensive would be nice, and an UGLI would be better. Happy to collect pretty much anywhere north of the midlands and south of Edinburgh. Or will pay...
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    Is this a higher end raleigh? £45 or best offer

    Not out of the 80s either. 94 or thereabouts. BOAB
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    For Sale Raleigh Touriste 1990(ish) 531 Frame 51cm C to top.

    I think it is :-) Yes, size good idea...51cm c to top.