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  1. BCNBiker

    Kilauea content!

    Looking pretty hot and explosif around that lava dome!
  2. BCNBiker

    Help identifying possible Stumpy

    Ah well..luckily it didn't cost much - the Mavic rims, cantis and Bomber fork are in ok condition so there's that.. Cheers Neko!
  3. BCNBiker

    Help identifying possible Stumpy

    Yes, head tube..still learning the lingo ;)
  4. BCNBiker

    Help identifying possible Stumpy

    Hello all, many thanks for your replies. Found another serial number (BI 0771) on the steerer head tube if helps any Have a good 1
  5. BCNBiker

    Help removing threaded headset

    Great, it's off! The side tap method worked well, Novocaine 👍
  6. BCNBiker

    Help removing threaded headset

    Thanks both for your replies and help..will try to pry it up a bit and if not, whacking time. Cheers
  7. BCNBiker

    Help removing threaded headset

    Morning all, Having trouble removing the headset + fork. Flathead screwdriver on the retaining clip notch and tap with a rubber hammer? Should the retaining clip pop off or does it unscrew? The spacers and steerer were pretty gunked up. Not sure on best procedure here.. Cheers and have a good...
  8. BCNBiker

    Help identifying possible Stumpy

    Btw, are Marzocchi Bombers supposed to make a squelching noise when compressed🤔? I've only owned coil and air forks..
  9. BCNBiker

    Help identifying possible Stumpy

    Hi all, Recently acquired another (!) bike - divorce papers arriving soon 😜 . Seller thought that it might be a 2000 Stumpjumper (red originally). Serial number under the BB: M5K00262. Another serial number on the head tube: BI 0771 Cheers in advance!
  10. BCNBiker

    Interesting fork

    Ok, thanks! Never seen one before..
  11. BCNBiker

    Interesting fork

    Any ideas?
  12. BCNBiker

    Dawes Kickback in Veendam, Netherlands
  13. BCNBiker

    Site with some great builds and info

    Afternoon all, Recently stumbled on this site: Enjoy!
  14. BCNBiker

    Front Line mystery bike

    Hi all, Seen this on the classifieds and can't find any info about brand or model. Any ideas? No info from seller yet and only these photos to go on.. Cheers!
  15. BCNBiker

    Frame painting tips

    Hello all, I'm thinking of repainting my Specialized S-Works M2 but want to do it properly. Any tips and advice from the masters? ;) (Sand)blasting with walnut shells / plastic beads? Powder coating? Best option for sourcing Specialized Team Red paint? Apologies if this has been asked before...
  16. BCNBiker

    Specialized Hardrock frame

    If anyone's interested..
  17. BCNBiker

    Possible Giant AT 740? Resolved: Decathlon RR 740 ('99?)

    Serial number is BI0881D 012314. Found a few references on Velovert website about DKT 740 frames when googling the first part of the serial number. Think it might be a Rockrider Race 740s from 1999 or thereabouts..
  18. BCNBiker

    Possible Giant AT 740? Resolved: Decathlon RR 740 ('99?)

    Hi all, Seen this in the small ads. Seller says only markings on the bike are 740. Any ideas? Also, seller is asking 95€..what do you think? Cheers!
  19. BCNBiker

    JMC M2 S-Works, A 5 year project Part 1

    Great story and build! Doing God's work ;)
  20. BCNBiker

    Pricing an Orange E4 frame

    I've got a Marzocchi Zokes Pro fork (1-1/8") I'd like to use for the frame. Will it fit ok? Sorry if bit of a noob question - still learning! Cheers