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    For Sale Paul Components front Derailleur

    wow that would look amazing on the Acid green i’m not sure i could spend that amount on a front mech though sadly
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    yes he ripped me off a couple of days ago plus two other ppl he’s not a stand up guy he was found guilty to robbing ppls houses in 2011 that’s not a stand up guy that’s a person with serious issues who can’t be trusted just because he shares the same passion as the rest of us doesn’t make him a...
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    the mate i don’t think he is anymore how can he be he’s ripped most off us off surely
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    well i am seeing he has done this before he’s just done it to me and another two ppl that i know of he’s took our money then left conversation only trusted him because he was friends with ppl i know and sold to them np in the past anyone reading this do not trust him he now calls himself peter...
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    For Sale gt zaskar frames SOLD

    sorry dude that’s a keeper i’m afraid
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    For Sale gt zaskar frames SOLD

    looking to sell these frames together as a package deal one is an 18” frost red anodised frame signs of use in photos the other is a repainted frost blue (this is a stunning frame ) £370 posted uk
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    For Sale kooka forged crank with rings £200 or trade for clean m900 rear mech and shifters free uk shipping anywhere else pays shipping

    i will check in the morning buddy i’m not 100% took them as part trade u see
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    Sold Shimano XTR M900 STI Shifter / Brake Levers

    do you still have these
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    Sold XTR M900 part groupset

    has all this sold
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    For Sale GT Xizang 16"

    lovely bike mate deffo some nice parts but blunt in mint condition it’s a bit over priced tbf in that condition
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    For Sale chris king, cbr, race face, ritchey, srp, tange...

    i thought you had added stuff but not put up pictures my bad
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    For Sale chris king, cbr, race face, ritchey, srp, tange...

    you got pictures buddy please
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    For Sale Chris King 1 1/8 Ahead Light Turquoise Blue Headset

    arrrr it’s ok i’ve just noticed it’s only top and bottom cups