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  1. nstarmore

    For Sale On One Inbred 26er £280

    Nice, wrong size frame for me but what's the price as it needs one
  2. nstarmore

    1984 Saracen 'Sherpa'

    So small update, it's about time I actually made a start on this one so took advantage of the pleasant bank holiday evening and got this in the stand and stripped down completely. Just waiting on a freewheel removal tool and proper headset cup removal tool as I didn't feel smashing shit out of...
  3. nstarmore

    Sold Halo White Line Double Wall 36h, 26 Inch Rims.

    Ooo I've been after some of these. PM incoming.
  4. nstarmore

    90’s CR-MO frame - what is it?

    It's an Al Carter, I had one for a bit: Would have come with full XT kit originally, which is probably why it's a frame on it's own now, the same fate as a lot of them unfortunately (including mine 🤦‍♂️). Very nice frame though, I wish I hadn't sold it.
  5. nstarmore

    Karma FREE Trebz's Karma Giveaway Time - 1988 Specialized Rockhopper.

    Where abouts in the country are you?
  6. nstarmore

    Sorted 1 1/4 inch headset or ball bearings only

    Yup, or if you have a half decent lbs near you take your existing ones there and they should be able to provide you with enough loose equivalants to service without having to buy a tub of them
  7. nstarmore

    For Sale Brakes, levers & shifters STX, DX, LX, XT & DEORE II

    That should work, will send over a PM in a sec
  8. nstarmore

    EBay 80% off selling fees ?

    Yeh, it varies dependant on your activity. I usually get the 80% offer sent to me regularly when I haven't listed anything for a few weeks, I've had one the last 2 bank holiday weekends
  9. nstarmore

    For Sale Brakes, levers & shifters STX, DX, LX, XT & DEORE II

    Slightly random question but what's the length of the arms on the STX V Brakes? Trying to work out of they'd clear my mudguards better than the Tektro's I currently have
  10. nstarmore

    Shogun Metro Donor

    Shogun Metro-1 Nice clean Shogun Metro ripe for restmod in case anyone is feeling inspired by @HourGlass's lovely build. Way to big for me otherwise I'd have been tempted.
  11. nstarmore

    What should I keep?

    I would say the Trek all day normally but if you already have 2 then surely the Rockhopper needs to be kept
  12. nstarmore

    Show us your vape. Here's mine.

    I was going to say you can't ride a vape machine thingy but who knows what these guys get up to 🤷 I thought these still had a butt ton of nicotine in them though or are there nicotine free 'juices' out there
  13. nstarmore

    Cracked windscreen

    I've nothing to say on the windscreen other than it's increasingly common these days unfortunately. However I do one to say that's a solid choice of car, love these things and getting increasingly rare now. I must admit I'm looking forward to the new Twingo despite it being electric.
  14. nstarmore

    700 x 38 gravel/tour tyre recommendations

    Another vote for gravel kings, run them on my Cross Check and never left me wanting for anything more or less. Puncture resistence is pretty decent as well.
  15. nstarmore

    For Sale Claud Butler Black Diamond tourer

    That's very nice, the correct size and not all that far away from me, very tempting
  16. nstarmore

    Paypal f&f, Bank transfers & a seller unknown to you.

    Nope, leave it, any insistence on a type of payment that doesn't give you protection is a red flag. After a recent experience (on here) I wouldn't buy from someone I hadn't dealt with before without protection, I haven't got the patience or money to risk losing £100+ more than once.
  17. nstarmore

    Alpinestars CR400 Winter Beater

    Still loving this build and nice to see it being used as well, hats off to you. p.s nice cheapbikebuildoff contender as well
  18. nstarmore

    Great big Singlespeed thread!

    Probably chinese rip offs then
  19. nstarmore

    BMW S 1000 XR - Recently Purchased

    Take the engine out and install pedals, easy.... next