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  1. Black_puma

    1991 GT Team Avalanche on FB Marketplace

    That is true, however, I couldn't afford it though. I am not sad as I currently own 3 full GT bikes and a 2007 Avalanche frame waiting for some tlc.
  2. Black_puma

    1991 GT Team Avalanche on FB Marketplace

    For the purists, original 1991 GT Team Avalanche on Facebook Marketplace, bit steep in price but nice nonetheless! See here...
  3. Black_puma

    The Yellow One -1997 GT Karakoram

    I really like that Karakoram, looks very clean and very well specced too! My 1999 Tequesta started out like that before moving some of the parts to my 1998 Tempest (see profile picture). However I still have my Tequesta which needs some loving too. It makes for a great ride with those BMX bars.
  4. Black_puma

    22" GT Pantera AL on FB Marketplace

    For anyone looking for a big frame retro GT! The price is rather big too!1992 GT Pantera AL 22" frame bike
  5. Black_puma

    Wanted GT 2x4 fork
  6. Black_puma

    GT 2x4 rigid forks on eBay

    sounds about right for frame size, I would think they used the same headtubes for those frame sizes I mentioned previously. Price is a bit steep though.
  7. Black_puma

    GT 2x4 rigid forks on eBay

    It would be 14.5", 16" and 18" frames as they all had very short head tubes..
  8. Black_puma

    GT Purple Haze rigid early 90's forks.

    As per title (again) some nice forks found on eBay, they maybe of use to some GT fans here. GT Purple Haze rigid forks
  9. Black_puma

    GT 2x4 rigid forks on eBay

    As per title, found this on eBay just now, looks like it came from an early 90's GT Avalanche. GT 2x4 rigid forks
  10. Black_puma

    Another GT Karakoram Elite on Ebay

    Just found this, I'd love to buy but I already have a number of GT's and not enough funding (at this moment) Looks nice though. GT Karakoram Elite on eBay
  11. Black_puma

    now that's a mini price drop

    What on earth is that thing? That just looks silly!🫣
  12. Black_puma

    GT Karakoram Elite on FB Market place...

    As per title, found this on FB marketplace, looks in decent condition for it's age, I wish I had the money.... GT Karakoram Elite
  13. Black_puma

    1992 GT Pantera Midnight Aurora... a repro attempt

    That paintwork is amazing, what else can I say? You certainly have more patience than I would have!
  14. Black_puma

    Sold A Ritchey framed Ballistic - BMX lookalike

    That is a nice looking bike, I have my GT Tempest built up like a cruiser, love those tyres too!
  15. Black_puma

    Unusual GT Tequesta on eBay

    Just found this on eBay, my attention drawn to the unusual chain and modified dropouts to accommodate drum brakes... Seems quite pricey for what it is.. GT Tequesta
  16. Black_puma

    GT Zaskar on FB Marketplace @ £50 with welded seatpost?

    I wish I had a spare 50 quid, but I have just spent it on the Fox Float's for my 2011 Zaskar, we can't have it all can we?
  17. Black_puma

    GT Team Avalanche BB width for 1x commuter

    Okay, fair enough. My 1999 GT Tequesta has a 68mm BB. I recently replaced the bb on that too, so I know from measurement that it is 68mm and took a BB from my Mongoose IBOC PRO SX which is a 1996 model with a Ritchey steel frame.
  18. Black_puma

    GT Team Avalanche BB width for 1x commuter

    Tange Prestige is still a steel frame, but a top quality one at that. Was it measured at 73mm BB width? If so, I stand corrected.
  19. Black_puma

    show us your gt's

    Here are my 3 GT bikes I currently own. 1/3 of all GT mtb's I owned since 1992 My GT's The Zaskar Sport has now had Fox Float RL100 and a 40mm riser bar fitted since this photo was taken.