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  1. fiendish feet

    show us your Rocky Mountains!

    Wow what a beauty
  2. fiendish feet

    cs-m737-1 8 speed cassette spacer question

    Yeah i own two 737 cassettes one pictured here has a intigrated spacer ... My other cassette it was missing and i had to pop a couple of spacers on freehub ... I will measure the spacer later ..
  3. fiendish feet

    For Sale Ringle mojo

    There Called mojos
  4. fiendish feet

    Show us your bikepacking rigs

    Anyone own a pack raft these are really pipping my interest .. i want one ......
  5. fiendish feet

    Show us your bikepacking rigs

    I used to use my RM blizzard with a handfull of alpkit dry bags for my adventures ... but love my 29er for touring game changer with tubeless tyres ,wide bars .....
  6. fiendish feet

    1994 Muddy Fox Rock 'n' Roll CR-MO

    yes they sold bikes ....Engagement rings and motor insurance cover notes 😂
  7. fiendish feet

    1994 Muddy Fox Rock 'n' Roll CR-MO

    Yes bought from one of the three main catalogs in the uk ie Kays , Littlewoods or Great Universal . I seem to remember the alu mega and other low cost MF models .. The 1995 MF catalog on this site has the rock and roll range ... i had buckled both rims on mine within a month of recieving it ...
  8. fiendish feet

    1994 Muddy Fox Rock 'n' Roll CR-MO

    These are the only images of my rock and roll .top pic was when it arrived looking shiny.. 93/94 Second pic now sprayed see a flite and a syncros stem , oh yes my pink powergrip straps. A u.s.e seatpost and mavic 316 headset ...purple 987,cantis and matching ss7 levers .. dcd and bulleye...
  9. fiendish feet

    1994 Muddy Fox Rock 'n' Roll CR-MO

    Wow in great conditiom i had one of these back in the day I bought it from Kays catalog for about two hundred pounds ... And then knocked the catalog... Not the best bike mine fell to bits as the rear end rotates around the bottom bracket shell ..bad design I have a photo some where ...
  10. fiendish feet

    For Sale Ritchey Force Lite Stem 1 1/8 Ahead

    Do you still have this here stem in ones possesion ?
  11. fiendish feet

    1994 Saracen Kili Comp

    And just like that .. a Tange Superlite fork appears in the hand of the postman .. Thanks to member LumPi Panda .... This 94 model was the only kili to be sold with Rigid fork So pretty chuffed Starnut fitted and bosses cleaned up .quick clean with GT85 and fitted Along with a budget Flite...
  12. fiendish feet

    For Sale NOS Rocky Mountain and Ritchey frame decals

    Hi do you have any early 90s Rocky Mountain performance paint decals hidden in the back of your sock draw ?
  13. fiendish feet

    LumPi Panda

    Bought some saracen forks from Pete .. Very happy with item Great comms and swift postage Im over the moon Thanking you sir ..
  14. fiendish feet

    Sorted Saracen Max Drive SuperLight Tange chromoly fork 1 1/8th

    Hello Yes they do indeed look correct they have a slight rake .. Yes i would like these very much My headtube also measures 135mm Regards Wayne
  15. fiendish feet

    show us your Rocky Mountains!

    I own the same year bike but uprated to the 07 swingarm and bolt kit ... same as you i cannot part from it ..... ..yet. XL frame 20.5
  16. fiendish feet

    1994 Saracen Kili Comp

    Warning image overload ........... Something gone wrong ....... Better images after taking this for a good blat ... the forks started working or just the wind in ones ears masks the rebound clonks and grinding fork internals ... great bike well pleased ....