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    1990 Dawes 'Fat Chance' 30 years later restoration

    It may yet get the full re-spray and decals like the same year The Edge I'm agonising at the moment (Which is now sprayed and Decal'd up). No question those bikes are heavy, lugged steel - I have another frame next to a 92 cadex, the difference is measurable in light years.
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    1990 Dawes 'Fat Chance' 30 years later restoration

    Reverse engineering decals - not a 5 minute job, aim to to do the Fat Chance, Off Limits and Raw nerve decals, the other Dawes, Hand built, and Reynolds magnum are common to all. Going to get a colour swatch for Ral or Pantone and try and match the rectangle colours. Fortunately I have each...
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    1990 Dawes 'Fat Chance' 30 years later restoration

    Re: There's more in the pipeline including my holy grail The Edge
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    1990 Dawes 'Fat Chance' 30 years later restoration

    Like many the lock down has afforded time that simply would not have happened any other way. I have rebuilt 3 bikes during this time, my 2000 Specialized P3, my wive's 02 Hardrock and at last my first mountain bike my 1990 Dawes fat chance (no not that fat chance). In 1990 Dawes had a range of...
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    Dawes Edge 1993 Resurrection, 12/02/2011 With Story & sp

    Mate just had to log in and say well done, I still have my fat chance from 1990, would love to have an edge. Actually saw a chap on one at cannock a while back got me all nostalgic. Should clean up my fat chance, but too scared to ride it being a much harder rider now at it being 20 years old.
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    Helmet cams??

    I just got a Contour HD 720 from which was a 100 quid less than chain reaction. The difference in quality to the competition is massive as I found out on youtube. Still waiting for the vented helmet mount though. Rich