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    17" Offroad Toad

    I'm diggin' it as well.
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    Help ID'ing

    I agree, this thing is not up to the sort of spec I would expect. I've put quite a few miles on it as a rough road bike, and it's heavy, but rides very nicely otherwise. I also have a De Bernardi by Tecnotrat which is SLX and a very fine bike.
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    Brodie Roadie - as rare as it gets

    Yup, a late production example. My radar is out for one of these.
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    1993 Scott Pro Racing - Holey Chainstays

    Not good, I would be altering my build plans if that was mine.
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    show us your Rocky Mountains!

    Mmmmm, Mopar.
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    Syncros Frames.. Do/Did They Exist?

    In the mid-90's a friend who was a sports consignor offered me a Syncros show bike which he had acquired from the factory. It had the full treatment, including Revolution cranks, and the frame was badged as well.
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    What should I keep?

    Undoubtedly the 'Hopper.
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    Marinoni Special Mountain Bike

    Which shop did you find that at?
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    Slightly repaired Kestrel

    These things are notorious for developing cracks.
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    Unused 1991 GT Zaskar

    Holy cow!
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    1990 rocky mountain fusion frameset

    Who in their right mind pays that kind of money for a Fusion frame?
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    1996 Gary Fisher Procaliber

    These are high quality frames. I have a '99 Genesis awaiting building.
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    Very excited…ex filotex DeRosa Benotto team bike

    I can see why you bought this, super cool and in my size.
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    Early Rocky Mountain Road frame.

    Very interesting, it's all news to me.
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    Kotters Cycling Team (Munich) Jersey

    I'm on the west coast, Vancouver Island. Of course I'd be willing to underwrite the postage.
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    Kotters Cycling Team (Munich) Jersey

    I'm over in Canada, and have a fetish for German jerseys.
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    Kotters Cycling Team (Munich) Jersey

    Ausgezeichnet! What country are you in?
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    Early Rocky Mountain Road frame.

    I'm open to that possibility for sure, just haven't seen any out here on the west coast. I have a road bike that was badged as a Saronni by a bike shop in Munich and sold as such, when it wasn't a Saronni, so stranger things have happened. It would be interesting to see what Vitus has to say...
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    Early Rocky Mountain Road frame.

    I'm still doubting that RM would put their badging on another manufacturer's product, this must have been a local shop initiative.