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  1. zerogravitas

    Unusual crimped tube De Rosa Anyone seen one like this before? Some things about the frame seem a little plainer than I would expect, and the signature looks...
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    Lovely 1930s Wanderer restoration video

    An impressive restoration of this old beauty. Some fantastic solid engineering in that old gearbox too.
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    Specialized Future Shock installation

    I guess because its not being clamped by the stem as normal it doesn't matter.. The lower part of the shock assembly presumably acts like a tall compression plug that pushes out on the inside of the steerer tube, mostly below the slotted section. Well made video on setting up this system and...
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    Road Racing Pictures •

    ChromeChainstay can call a halt to this ... But in the meantime here's a couple more 😉 Edinburgh-Liverpool records again!
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    Road Racing Pictures •

    Another soggy tandem crew from the same event! No caption for them 😔 And here's Mr Earnshaw from the previous page completing his ride.
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    Road Racing Pictures •

    Love this tandem shot.
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    Road Racing Pictures •

    I recently inherited my granddad's scrapbook from the late 30s/early WW2 period. It has plenty of photos of motor racing and military aircraft (he was an RAF fitter and a lifelong F1 fan), but also a few pages of cycle racing scraps he collected. This thread seemed like a good spot to post some...
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    Retro/Classic brakes for a tour.

    Your main options for quality, well performing deeper drop caliper brakes are TRP RG 957s, Velo Orange's Grand Cru calipers and Shimano BR 451s. RG 957s are excellent from many thousands of miles of personal experience! They are all (as far as I know) for modern top hat style Allen fittings...
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    Wanted Friction shifter washers

    Hi folks, I bought some of these old Ofmega shifters recently, mint but sadly missing the washers shown in red in the image below. I think they are very similar to some Campag and possibly Dia Compe shifters of the time, so if anyone has any of the keyed thin washers or the others in your parts...
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    1990 Raleigh Dyna Tech Cronos Titanium (54)

    Wonderful thread, thanks for bumping it. Lovely work giving it your own little twists.
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    Wanted Universal AER brakes

    As the title says... I am after a pair of 80s Universal AER brakes in good condition (and possibly levers too). Let me know if you have some.
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    Wanted Ofmega Premier parts

    Bump! I've got some of these now but still after a front derailleur. Also Ofmega hubs, a BB and a headset, although I don't think they exist as Premier, so let me know what you have. 😉
  13. zerogravitas

    Opera Leonardo 2003 (i think)

    I like it a lot, nice build. Some deeper section carbon rims with some nice silver Hope/King hubs would look stunning on it. 😜
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    Motorola Merckx Corsa Extra SLX

    Love the attention to detail. 👏
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    MBK Trainer Racing

    Love the paint scheme!
  16. zerogravitas

    Dave Hinde/Brian Rourke - 90's Campagnolo

    More great work, and beautifully documented in your photos. 👍 I really rate Lasers, my last wheel build uses them and I have tens of thousands of trouble free miles riding various wheelsets with them now. I'm in total agreement on using brass nipples too. 😄
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    Denti Master with panto Great project for someone. Almost identical to mine apart from some paint variation (sadly the chrome on the fork is a bit...
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    Dave Hinde/Brian Rourke - 90's Campagnolo

    Super work, both to research and find what worked and then carry out the repair process! Great result. 😎
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    Kamaro Frameworks 009

    Damn, how did I miss this! Beautiful bike with amazing detail touches all over. Great job and superb photos.
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    For Sale Colnago Master Olympic Decor, Record pink near new condition

    We can have a little four year anniversary party for this thread in a couple of months. 🤭 Good luck with your sale but RB doesn't attract that many gold or bitcoin barons!