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  1. kingoffootball

    X-lite stem

    Probably. That seller often has bikes/components for sale at what I would consider optimistic prices.
  2. kingoffootball

    cheap 26" Tyres at banana industries

    If I have free time in Sheffield I'll send a message and arrange to come and see that Clark Kent - I'm always interestedin seeing the early titanium bikes.
  3. kingoffootball

    MTB, Pollard ???

    I can't be of any help with information, but I love that. It's a good job I haven't seen anything that cool and in that size on Ebay, because I have no room but not sure I could resist. Any build plans or does that depend on confirming Pollard as the maker first?
  4. kingoffootball

    best XT iteration?

  5. kingoffootball

    My PEUGEOT Collection - One bike at a time

    Nice to see the actual catalogue for the two I have owned - The Scorpion and the Dakar.
  6. kingoffootball

    Cheap Small Arthur Caygill
  7. kingoffootball

    Nothin’ new in t’ world - linkage forks...

    It's a rebuilt 1984 XS400, which is a twin.
  8. kingoffootball

    Nothin’ new in t’ world - linkage forks...

    Yep, built by a guy called Roman Juriš.
  9. kingoffootball

    Zaskar LE?

    Looks like a genuine 1994 Zaskar to me - frame number shows April 1994 build.
  10. kingoffootball

    Saddles: which perch and why?

    Another fan of the Specialized BG range here. I have them on most my bikes.
  11. kingoffootball

    Steve Goff 1st Mtb triple triangle project 2

    I really want this, but I don't have room for any more ......
  12. kingoffootball

    Sorted! Collection Help: Wimbledon

    Sorted. Massive thanks to TechniumRider!
  13. kingoffootball

    TechniumRider Feedback

    Did me a huge favour by collecting something (not a bike or bike parts!) from Wimbledon for me. Then brough it up to meet me in the midlands and also buy my Technium The Chill from me at the same time. Good communication, made everything easy, as well as driving up to make it all happen...
  14. kingoffootball

    Scrapyard bike ride again?

    Given how high inflation has been since 11 years ago, maybe you should increase the budget to £60 ..... to allow someone to get this to adorn their bike:
  15. kingoffootball

    Early lugged Marin Pine Mountain

    The straddle for the front brake is waaayyyyyyyyy to high. No wonder it's not braking well.
  16. kingoffootball

    GT Xizang Titanium, X-lite Ti forks 😳

    Looks like an 18" to me.
  17. kingoffootball

    GT Avalanche (1990?)

    Well ..... someone has ended the temptation. I hope it's not on its way to be split.
  18. kingoffootball

    One bike!? What is it?

    Interestingly (or not!) I feel I am going in slightly the opposite direction at the moment. Not buying more bikes (definitely, definitely not) but selling the bike that in recent years has been the best all rounder. I think the idea is that I will be more motivated to finishes some of the many...