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  1. Rebikecumbria

    Wanted Ritchey megabite/zmax/alfa omega grey or tan (nos/unused)

    got a pair of tan wall ritchey speedmax not nos or unused but used in very good condition or i would say hardly used
  2. Rebikecumbria you use them ?

    Have then on my DH and they are homemade conversions. the front one comes off in summer but def needed in winter to stop chunks smashing me in the eyes or splattering the goggs, the rear stops gunk onto the rear shock mainly and in the rough stuff sounds like an old clattering machine gun which...
  3. Rebikecumbria

    m trax 100 comp rsp
  4. Rebikecumbria

    Wanted Brooklyn Machine Works Parts

    i thought the whole gist of BMW's design ethic was to be functional and very anti-pretty anyway
  5. Rebikecumbria

    Wanted Brooklyn Machine Works Parts

    1.5 k for some handlebars .. absolute bargain!!
  6. Rebikecumbria

    Campagnolo Square Taper Bottom Bracket 115.5 mm Italian Thread New Old Stock
  7. Rebikecumbria

    Ritchey WCS World Cup Series Carbon Seatpost 34.9
  8. Rebikecumbria

    Sold 91 Spesh Stumpy 20" Frame/forks/stem/bars [post is very included[stuck]] Lashings of mint sauce

    yep just sold the other week in house ... sorry forgot to update the thread
  9. Rebikecumbria

    For Sale Scott G-Zero FX1 full suspension frame XC/Trail 20"

    includes hanger and shock mounts one bad ding/dent on down tube and other marks and scratches from previous use but structurally sound and doesnt effect the frame and in working order could do with a refurb and re paint so a good project for someone these frames got very good reviews and the...
  10. Rebikecumbria

    Shimano Deore FC m610 triple ring crankset dynasys 175mm
  11. Rebikecumbria

    97/98 carrera bugaboo xt/ritchey

    will take reasonable offers through ebay but do get in touch if your a retrobiker and interested in it, as we do try and give retrobikers best prices we can - i ve never seen one before - we posted it up here before and someone who worked in a bike shop and was selling them at the time...
  12. Rebikecumbria

    Answer Rove All Mountain Stem 1 1/8 100mm 8deg 31.8 inc top cap/spacers will take reasonable offers
  13. Rebikecumbria

    97/98 carrera bugaboo xt/ritchey
  14. Rebikecumbria

    Puch Theridion £100 Rochdale

    the bloke who donated it to us had a similar story to the one you posted, had it from new and rode it and looked after it for years, this one wasnt as nicely spec'd as the one in the advert and the missing parts shifters forks have gone onto other bikes since most likely though the wheels should...
  15. Rebikecumbria

    Puch Theridion £100 Rochdale

    its a whopping 21.5 inch from cbb to seat clamp but with these frames having the interesting design that they do the rest of the bike seems to feel more like an 18/19" when i sat onit before its wheels and fork disappeared
  16. Rebikecumbria

    Puch Theridion £100 Rochdale

    just puching our puch it needs someone to give it a loving puch back to life
  17. Rebikecumbria

    For Sale Mt60 thumbs bit rough but work

    mt60 thumbs all working but could do with a refurb cosmetically light action 6 speed with 7th click on SIS or friction 20 plus postage or please make a reasonable offer thanks
  18. Rebikecumbria

    U.S.E Sub fork

    did the anti-dive system work well ?, one with modded upgraded internals would be very nice
  19. Rebikecumbria

    U.S.E Sub fork

    super cool boingy but would be a small mission to get it back to even a good rideable condition, have always wondered what these would be like to ride and how they perform, i think they are the only lefty that actually looks good aswell, has any one ridden one ?