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    Rigid ahead fork wanted

    I’m looking for an ahead threadless fork for a 19” 96 Rockhopper frame. Ideally looking for a curved and tapered pair of non-suspension-corrected forks with canti bosses. Needs to be 1 1/8” steerer. Anyone got anything?
  2. J

    Frame and fork wanted

    I’m looking for a sensibly priced rigid frame and fork (or bike). Ideally looking for something early/mid 90’s in a large (19/20”). I’d like it to be early non-suspension-corrected geometry and fork.
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    Q/R Skewers

    Q/R Skewers wanted Must be silver, grey or black and period correct for a 93 build. Something like XTR M900 or early Salsa would be good, but happy to consider anything.
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    27.0 Seatpost

    Wanted 27.0 Seatpost Ideally looking for a Kore post in silver or black, but I would be interested in anything mid/late 90’s with a bit of lay back.
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    1998 Zaskar LE Seatpost

    Does anyone on here have a 1998 frost blue Zaskar LE? I’ve bought a frame and I can’t work out what size seatpost it needs. I tried a 27.2 post from a 98 Zaskar but it was too big. I don’t know whether the 27.2 was too big, or if a previous owner used a smaller (wrong size) post and pulled the...
  6. J

    29er frame

    Wanted Early 29er frame or bike Must be Large (19” approx) Ideally looking for an early Gary Fisher frame, but will consider anything with “race” geometry. Sorry for the non-retro post, but I’m not having much luck looking elsewhere.
  7. J

    29er frame

    Looking for a large (19”) 29er hardtail frame. Ideally looking for an alloy Gary Fisher frame, but will consider almost any brand of any age, as long as it’s half decent.
  8. J

    Merlin Elevator garage find

    I collected this Merlin Elevator at the weekend. It’s looking a bit sorry for itself at the moment. It’s a very high spec build, with lots of titanium parts. I’m looking forward to rebuilding it, and transforming it back into a proper mountain bike.
  9. J

    Old Peugeot

    I was offered this yesterday. Does anyone have any info on it? Is it worth anything, or just scrap?
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    XTR M900 brake lever rubber gator left hand only

    Like it says, I’m looking for a left hand rubber gator for my M900 XTR STI’s
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    HELP - I need to get back to the mobile version

    Earlier today I was checking out some stuff in the for sale section. I was browsing the forum on my phone, so I guess I was in the mobile version. I was trying to get a better look at some pictures and I don’t know what I did, but I clicked a “switch to web version” button or something. Now I...
  12. J


    Does anyone know what year Crank Bros launched the Eggbeater pedals?
  13. J

    XTR STI’s

    Wanted M900 8 Speed STI’s M950 (953?) 9 Speed STI’s Anyone?
  14. J

    93 Merlin Suspension rebuild

    Did I see a thread on here about a 1993 Merlin Suspension rebuild? I remember seeing it somewhere, just can’t remember where.
  15. J

    1” Girvin Vector Forks

    Did Pro-Flex ever do the early 93/94 Girvin Vector forks with a 1” steerer?
  16. J

    Mag 21 shock pump

    Does anyone know where I can get a shock pump for RockShox Mag 21’s ?
  17. J

    Yellow coated cable inners

    Back in the mid-late 90’s I had an ink blue Zaskar and I remember fitting brake and gear cable kits on it that had yellow coated inners. I seem to remember that were by Clarks or Fibrax or someone like that, and they were sold as Kevlar or PTFE coated or something. Does anyone know what they...
  18. J

    RS Mag 21 servicing

    Does anyone service old RockShox Mag 21’s? Been offered a bike with some on. Just want know if it can be done, and how much it might cost.
  19. J

    Zaskar seatpost size?

    Can anyone tell me what size seatpost I need for a 98 Zaskar LE. I tried a 27.2 that I took off a 98 Zaskar but it’s too big. Can anyone tell me for certain what the size is before I commit to buying a new post.
  20. J

    Merida Al-Bon-Tech XT

    Merida Al-Bon-Tech XT frameset. Frame has anodised aluminium main tubes bonded into steel lugs. Size is about 18/19" but I can measure it if interested. This is from 91/92 as far as I can find out. Includes original handlebars, stem, saddle and stem. Condition is good for age but does have some...