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  1. russ77

    For Sale Magura bits and bobs - mostly clamps

    Hi there. Would you consider selling just the black lever blade? I’ve been after one for a while! I really don’t need any more spares though. Cheers, T..
  2. russ77

    For Sale 2002 18” M4 Stumpjumper Comp frame

    Hi there. It’s designed for 26” wheels. May fit others being disc only though. Head tube is straight for 1 1/8” steerers. Thanks for looking! T..
  3. russ77

    Karma 19” HSW Fuji Stoutlite frame

    Trying to clear some room in the shed and this has been lurking at the back for several years. I bought the frame new from HSW in West Drayton in 1996. It is made from Fuji Stoutlite tubing apparently. Has a lovely ping and was a terrific ride for years. Some corrosion around the top of the...
  4. russ77

    For Sale 2002 18” M4 Stumpjumper Comp frame

    Here’s a frame I bought from a member on here before the summer. I rode it a bit and liked it but then took everything off it to build a bike for my son. I had an M5 Stumpjumper Comp from a few years later as my main ride for several years and they felt almost identical. I think the frame dates...
  5. russ77

    For Sale 49cm Jamis Satellite Comp frame and carbon fork

    Anyone interested in my Jamis Satellite Comp frame? I bought this as a complete bike a couple of years ago to do the London to Brighton ride. Took me a while to realise it was too small for me. Made from Reynolds 520 cro-mo steel. Measures 45cm CTC, 49cm CTT, 52cm TT. Has a nice carbon fork...
  6. russ77

    Ishaw´s Feedback

    Collected a lovely XS frame for my son, which he loves. Thanks!
  7. russ77

    Sorted XS cheap hardtail frame

    Thanks all for the advice. Picked up a Hardrock from ishaw the last week, built it the next day and my boy was out catching “big air” within hours. He’s made up. T..
  8. russ77

    Sorted XS cheap hardtail frame

    Sounds like just what I was planning. He’s moving up from a Specialized Hot Rock so hopefully a Hardrock would be similar. I’ve got tons of parts waiting to fit but would be interested to know more about the frame if you’re moving it on!
  9. russ77

    Sorted XS cheap hardtail frame

    That looks like a good idea. Not sure what sets a dirt jump bike apart from others. Is it just a very strong frame? Will watch that auction and see what I can find out about that model or type. Thanks for the tip!
  10. russ77

    Sorted XS cheap hardtail frame

    My son is starting secondary school for the first time in September. He’s just about to grow out of his 24” wheeled bike so I’d like to get something he’ll be able to ride to school on. Maybe spend a couple of days putting it together with him. I’ve got everything I need except a suitably sized...
  11. russ77

    Going from car free to car lumbered.

    Thanks, dude. Drove to the shop this evening and the lights didn’t come up for the first time in a while. Another forum suggested it’s a worn battery issue. Looked at getting a new one and was shocked at what they cost nowadays. Oh well! Cheers, T..
  12. russ77

    Going from car free to car lumbered.

    Erm, is that what’s happening to mine since the rain began? Get a chorus of warnings on the dashboard every time I start this week. ABS, hill start brake thing, stability control, tyre inflation, the works. It’s a 2014 C4 Picasso. Where is the ECU? Guess I need to dry it out somehow.
  13. russ77

    THEFALLGUY's Feedback

    Bought a computer and it works great! Thanks very much.
  14. russ77

    For Sale Retrobike snoods - taking orders (order book now closed)

    A black one for me, please!
  15. russ77

    d8mok feedback

    Another item delivered next day and exactly as described. Thanks very much! T..
  16. russ77

    Sold XTR / Chris King / Flite/XT /Magura / Hope

    Excellent. Will give it a try then. Will find your address for PayPal. Cheers, T..
  17. russ77

    Sold XTR / Chris King / Flite/XT /Magura / Hope

    Hello there. Do you still have the headlock? Could it be used on a 1” steerer if I re-use the top cap I already have? SFN keeps slipping on my Judy fork and would like an alternative. Cheers, T..
  18. russ77


    I’ll have one of these please! Great idea. T..
  19. russ77

    Sold Circa yr2000 Kona Blast cheap.

    Thanks, buddy. Nice to meet you too. Looking forward to bonding with my sons over a bottle of T-Cut and some GT85. T..
  20. russ77

    Sold Circa yr2000 Kona Blast cheap.

    Morning! Very interested and not too far away! T..