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  1. fotorat1

    Wanted Large or XL Hard Tail 29er -

    WHYG (midlands to south coast)
  2. fotorat1

    Sold Whyte Jw2 £450 Last Shout before I break it for parts - need the money for a fork rebuild at TFT!!!
  3. fotorat1

    Raleigh Cameo Project

    whilst out walking the dog I came across an abandoned bike (as if often the case these days) it looked dirty and rough but the frame looked like it had some potential. Its a blue Cameo supplied by Rutland, fairly modern - v brakes. The frame has cleaned up very nice as have the cranks - no...
  4. fotorat1

    WTD: 26" ust tire

    I have a sidewall rip on my Conti Vertical and i tried to fix it - no luck- so has anyone got a decent tire for me no bigger than 2.2 please its for a my Cross rides with the plastic just ust rim strip which works great. the front hasn't lost any air in 3 years!
  5. fotorat1

    Campy Brakes spares or repairs

    These are all good except the slots for the brake pads are cracked £25 posted
  6. fotorat1

    Time Atac Titanium

    Hi the bearings are shot on my Ti atacs - so I have stripped one down and tried to remove the bearing but it shattered and the bushing broke to Can I still get the bushing for these as I really want to get them going again
  7. fotorat1

    Time Atac Ti Service

    Hi all can anyone remember how to remove the axel from Time Atac? A kind bayer pointed out that I was giving away these Titanium axel pedals for £20 So I took another another look at them and realised how light they are So I am keeping them as they are probably the best pedals i have -...
  8. fotorat1

    Manitou Micro Lube and port pump - Anywone?
  9. fotorat1

    mega Clear out #1

    No sensible offers will be declined ... 7675.l2562
  10. fotorat1

    Jekyll 800 Build

    I have taken 3 years one this beast so far and finally have it set up just right. Its a 2002 XL Jekyll - normally I would go near a 24" top tube - but look what happened to modern bike Geometry!! so I have nice short stem on it and quite wide bars, and it rides like a peach. When I got it...
  11. fotorat1

    Klein Adept Rescue!!!!

    All being well I should be collecting this in a few days ... 7675.l2557 Not expecting the fork to be any good and I am in no doubt that rear shock will be leaking air. I have a few bits and bobs to bling it up XTR style... It has the original wheels...
  12. fotorat1

    Whyte PRST/JW Owners

    Testing the appetite for a Whyte Meet and Ride, so how many owners of these do we have that would like a cheeky little ride from Swindon to Avebury to Marlborough and back again - about 40 miles 95% off road OR
  13. fotorat1

    Yeti 575 - Fox RL 150 X100 Maxle

    Yeti 575 20.5" £310 PPGift posted UK Fox RL 150mm with 15mmX100mm Maxel £210 PPGift posted UK
  14. fotorat1

    Specialized Allez Expert - Dura Ace/Mirage/Ultegra 58cm

    This is the a Allez Expert Columbus Squadra frame with Carbon Forks and stays with zerts inserts. Frame would be mint except for a couple of lacquer scuffs from storage. Seat post is Carbon zerts also, bars are Carbon too About 8 years ago it had new Mirage Brakes, Easton Wheels and Dura ace...
  15. fotorat1

    Cheap Cannondale Raven !!

    ...Looks way to small for me otherwise £$££$£$£ ... SwgjFc4HWH
  16. fotorat1

    Proflex in Scotland

    What happened to that red and black animal with matura brakes tried searching but can't find it
  17. fotorat1

    As if there werent enough reasons to visit this Forum

    Can it get any better.....
  18. fotorat1

    BotM May 2019 Nominations 1998-->

    Anything goes for May and I expect to see some Mountain Mayhem Images for the June Poll. As usual fo the poll if you can structure your nomination as follows: username's Year Manufacturer Model , e.g. Tims's 2007 Specialized Camber Image(s) MAXIMUM OF 2 Please include a link to your ride in...
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    BotM April 2019 Vote 1998-->

    Better late than never - so I have set this poll to run for 15 days, to get us back on track! I dont expect much interest in my yeti photo - it's not doing it any favours at all (must try harder!!!) So go ahead and pick your top 2 favourites.. T'boo Ted's 2008 GT Zaskar Re-issue caemis' 2000...
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    Posting a wheelset to italy

    Hi despite bot listing international postage on ebay so.eone has brought a paur of wheels from me in Italy. Parcel force want 85 quid to deliver them Does anyone know of a more senible cost postage company. Ps too big for Hermes