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    Gt Zaskar LE build - finished bike on page 6

    oh very nice project
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    1994 Off-Road Team Toad

    absolutely amazing
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    YETI FRO reborn 1990 meets 2021

    i like the combination
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    1993 TREK 8300 COMPOSITE

    awesome project
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    1991 Muddy Fox Alu Pro

    very nice
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    1990 Yeti Fro

    great job!
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    Sator Hyster

    never heard of it, but i really like it!
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    1990 Kona Explosif - Finished! see Page 4

    a true beauty - congrats!
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    rawheelz - 1991 Alpinestars al-mega DX

    Re: 1991 Alpinestars al-mega DX very unique build!
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    Cannondale Super V 4000 DH -97

    awesome project!
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    Parkpre 925 Team

    i really like it so far!
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    Marin Team Titanium 1990 - updated June 2021

    Re: Marin Team Titanium 1990 with added IRD! very classy build!
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    WANTED Ringle Slamma Jamma Baseplate

    looking for the original baseplate for the Ringle Slamma Jamma headset. Maybe someone has it in the scrap box? Thanks. P.S. i borrowed someone's picture from this forum. If the owner wishes, i will of course remove it.
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    Hope Big Un Hubs in black or silver

    Thanks, really appreciate that!
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    Hope Big Un Hubs in black or silver

    Searching for a set of black or silver Hope Big Un hubs, or wheel set (depends on the rims). In good condition, for QR. Idealy the ones with 36 holes. Cheers.
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    Amp Research B2 Damper Service

    @ishaw PM