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  1. tufftimes

    KARMA - Alpinestars '92 Cro-Mega LX Delivery books

    This is the actual set that came off my brand new Cro-Mega LX back in the day. Don't ask my why I've managed to keep it all this time! It contains the original owners book, the little card that hangs off the bars in the shop and all the manuals for the componentry fitted at the time. No idea...
  2. tufftimes

    NOS 84/84 MX901 brakes, full set

    Mint set, only minor scuffs on the original blocks. If they've ever been fitted it must have been to a carpet queen. Very cool set of brakes for your build 8) £95 posted inc p&p to UK. Dibs in thread then pm, paypal gift. Will consider offers.
  3. tufftimes

    Cheap USE Ti post, gum wall smoke & dart and a good chain

    Need a USE Ti seat post to fit a '95 Orange P7 Frame - not sure what diameter that will be as I don't have it yet, if you know let me know! Also gum wall Panaracer smoke and dart. Re-issue is fine, pref 1.95 but the larger ones would be ok too.
  4. tufftimes

    Pace RC35 MXCs and 2x 1" steerers tubes **SOLD**

    As well as the Kona and Racelight bits AND the Supergoose, these have to go as well. I know very little about them, bought them off the 'bay for the Lava Dome, unpacked them and then got back the Mrs. That left **** all time for anything else so I haven't looked at them since except to take...
  5. tufftimes

    Buy a cheap '92 Lava Dome, **ALL SOLD**

    Ignore the post below. Here is the new deal: Buy the bike at full asking and you can HAVE the two sets of levers and the bar! 110 of your finest english gold sovs and the whole lot is yours. C'maaaan............. :xmas-cool: For Sale is my 18" 92 Lava Dome. I would rather finish this...
  6. tufftimes

    tufftimees feedback thread

    Here is my feedback thread, seeing as I seem to have won the lottery recently and have been spending accordingly. Except I didnt actually win the lottery. :|
  7. tufftimes

    Wish list = 26.4, Ritchey vantage comp

    Need a 26.4mm seat post, would like USE, Kona Racelight or Syncros. As long as possible. Need also Kona racelight bars or answer hyperlite and some 7-9/10 cond xt thumbies. <--- shifters and bar now sorted Also would like to get some Ritchey Vantage Comp rims with DX or XT hubs. Have the...