Time ATAC rebuild

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Time ATAC rebuild
Time 1 hour
Difficulty 6 / 10
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This guide deals with rebuilding the original Time ATAC pedal. Many of the steps will be common with the newer Time ATAC Alium pedal also. This guide deals with a complete rebuild, however steps maybe skipped as necessary dependent on the condition of the pedals being worked on.

Remove pedal from crankarm

The Time ATACs can be removed using a 6mm allen key inserted behind the crank arm. The right hand pedal unscrews anti-clockwise, the left hand pedal clockwise.

Remove plastic spring cover plates


Using a wide flat bladed screwdriver placed under the front spring bar lever up the plastic plate. It will pop off. Remove all four plastic plates.

Remove springs reataining pins


Time supply a specific tool TF058 for removal of the pins which hold in the springs. However it is also possible (and in fact preferable) to use a small allen bolt, a spring tension bolt from a V-Brake may fit. Screw into the spring retaining pins leaving a few threads on show as per the diagram.


Using a set of mole grips or pliers grip the allen bolt and lever it out. This will extract the spring retaining pins.

Repeat process for all four spring retaining pins.

Remove springs


Without the spring retaining pins the springs can now be removed using a flat bladed screwdriver. Remove all four springs.

Take this opportunity to thoroughly clean the pedal body using suitable degreaser.

Replace springs


The old springs can now be replaced. Alternatively the springs can be renewed, the Time part numbers are TF074 for the front and TF075 for the rear. The rears have a narrower hoop and more closely spaced eyeholes, whereas the front springs are slightly wider. The rear spring is inserted from the underside of the pedal body with the loop orientated toward the axle. Turn the pedal over and insert the front spring, again the loop is orientated toward the axle.

Repeat on both pedals.

Replace spring pins


Replace the old spring pins or renew with part number TF085. The spring pins can be replaced by inserting into the pedal body ensuring the pin goes through the spring loop. Tap home until flush with pedal body using a rubber mallet or similar.

Repeat for all four spring pins.

Replace plastic spring cover plates


Replace the old plastic spring cover plates or renew. The plastic spring covers simply snap into place.

Repeat for all four spring cover plates.

Remove bearing circlip


If the bearings are rough it is worth replacing them. In order to remove the bearing and axle from the pedal body remove the circlip holding them in place using a set of circlip plier.

Repeat on both pedals.

Remove pedal axle


The entire axle assembly can now be removed from the pedal body. You may need to grip the axle in a soft-jawed vice in order to remove the body from the axle. If the axle is damaged it can be replaced, the steel axles have part number TF076 and TF077. Alternatively it is possible to simply replace the bearings as shown in the next step.

Repeat on both pedals.

Note: not all Time ATACs have a circlip holding the body in place. For these pedals remove the dust cover then replace the pedal onto a crank. Position the pedal body above the jaws of a vice with the crank below; a short sharp strike with your palm (or soft mallet) should remove the body from the axle assembly.

Remove pedal bearings


The bearing is held onto the axle using a circlip, this can be removed using a pair of circlip pliers. The bearing may need to be drifted off the axle given it's a good interference fit. The bearing can be replaced by [sealed bearing], the Time part number is TF062, alternatively they are a standard size TBC.

Repeat on both pedals.

Replace pedal bearings and axles


Replace the bearings onto the axle ensuring the two plastic washers are in place behind the bearing. Refit circlip holding bearing onto axle. Replace axle into pedal body ensuring the thin washer goes into the body before the axle. Refit axle retaining circlip onto pedal body.

Refit pedals. Job done.

Repeat on both pedals.